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Key facts Sigurd's castle

The Winter Court refers to the place were Sigurd would rule during his turn as king each year, prior to the founding of the One True City.

Description[ | ]

  • The Winter Court is where Sigurd would rule for one third of the year
  • A drafty, cold castle with very basic amenities
  • Difficult to live in comfortably during the winter, though this was nevertheless Sigurd's choice
  • Built by Dvergar master craftsmen
  • Contains hidden tunnels
  • Highly defensible

History[ | ]

Little is known of the history of this place, other than that it was commanded to be built by Sigurd long before the founding of the One True City.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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Built by Dvergar master craftsmen at Sigurd's command, with several hidden tunnels. Atop a cold mountain, the fortress was designed to be extremely defensible, albeit somewhat less than comfortable. This is where the throne with a dragon's head mounted is kept, as Sigurd's symbol of his might.

Realm association[ | ]

As the capital of Sigurd's rule at one time, this place is very much at the heart of the Vikings Realm.

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Tales of the One True City pt 2