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Weapons are pieces of equipment that are designed to attack and deal damage to opponents. Weapons will not be limited inherently by classes, though the class may use a weapon they may not perform well with it to start[1]. Characters can train their skill in weapons.

All weapons will have strength requirements attached to them but probably there will be an option to allow players to pick up weapons that are almost too heavy for them and try to use them in practice and battle supported with some humorous animations.

Also it could be very dangerous to try manipulating electricity if you are carrying a lot of metal weapons.

Weapons are a piece of equipment that can be crafted by players. Though shields are technically a piece of Armor they are treated as a weapon with a high reflection[citation needed].

While the weapon is being crafted the aspects that will be able to be adjusted are:

  • Damage
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Repair
  • Weight

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Mechanics[ | ]

Several aspects of weapons will be able to be adjusted during the crafting process. The crafter will be able to change the damage the weapon deals, the durability of the weapon and the weight of the weapon[2].

The difference in materials of a weapon will change the properties. For instance a bone dagger will be more fragile and break easier than a steel dagger. Changes in the weapons properties "You might go from a sword that deals very high damage, to a sword that is slower, to a sword that is faster; these will have some different outcomes" [3].

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