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The Vox Magus is used for Crafting. It is the proposed customizable "crafting station" for Camelot Unchained, the way that crafters will create powerful and unique items.

The Vox Magus: Planned Design

  • Visually based on a pipe organ
  • Replace keys, stops, etc. with gems, runes, and other "fun stuff"
  • Players sitting at a Vox Magus use both sound and magic to interact with the materials that are placed within
  • Players don’t have to read music or understand music theory to play as a crafter. Sounds come from the Vox based on the actions of the crafter
  • Each Realm has its own version of the Vox Magus, but they work in an identical manner
  • This reduces the amount of time and resources City State Entertainment has to spend on the interface and effects, leaving more time to work on the system’s items
  • The Vox Magus scales in power and appearance. It is a fully customizable device, which will grow with the player over time

Vox Magus: Design Goals and Effects

  • Crafting is intended to be a very visual and visceral process, which can be shared with others
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master, as the combinations are nearly limitless
  • Ways to shape and make an item will vary both inter-Realm but possibly intra-Realm as well
  • Guilds can have their own Vox that can be customized for multi-crafter use
  • Money sinks (cost, upkeep) will prevent guilds from dominating the Crafting system. Smaller versions of a Vox Magus are more cost-effective to use for small items, and require a cooldown time
  • Lots of potential for Easter Egg moments when certain music is played


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