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The Veilstorm is Coming...
The Veilstorm is Coming...

Veilstorms are more than simply bad weather days; these storms can bring both destructive power and chaotic change to the lands that they sweep across. A Veilstorm is the result of too much magic flowing from one side of the Veil into our world, and the most powerful storms can culminate into a Malevolence - like the ones that tore apart the old world leaving only the shattered remains.

Since the Veil is very sensitive to magic, high concentrations of it - typically happening during big battles - can trigger a Veilstorm, or perhaps even a Malevolence.

Effects of Veilstorms[ | ]

  • Can be extremely varied.
  • Devastated the world when the Veil was pierced.
  • Winds, rain, and destructive magic.
  • Not always pure destruction, but nobody welcomes their coming even with the occasional good fortune that can arise.
  • The frequency of these storms has decreased over the years as “The Three” and their armies have stabilized small parts of the world.
  • In gameplay, a Veilstorm may have an effect on spellcasters, such as changing the power of spell cast, altering its basic nature, harming the casters, and lots more.
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The Malevolence

Effects of a Malevolence[ | ]

Vines[ | ]

Beginnings of effects and storms in the editor (Alpha tests)

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