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The VeilStalkers
The VeilStalkers

VeilStalker was first proposed[1] as an anti-stealth class, one of the classes in Camelot Unchained , and then introduced - with stealth ability added - as a part of the Stealth Unchained stretch goal.[2]

This class might or might not be playable immediately at launch, depending on circumstances, anyway it will be in the game as soon as possible.

Stealth and the Veil[ | ]

VeilStalkers are able to move within the Veil (thus becoming stealthed/invisible to players out of it) but they can also stay out and hunt other Veil-stealthers. They can detect them, lay down traps and prepare other defenses thus being the ultimate anti-stealth class (at least against the Veil-based stealth), protecting other fighters (especially Mages), builders and crafters in RvR from the sneaky menace. This is not the only available playstyle for them thou - see the "...Playstyle" section below.

VeilStalkers are changing their appearance while stealthed, that is in the Veil (see images below). They can stay inside for a long time while paying for that by their own health - the longer they are stealthed, the bigger the health loss when they emerge.

Typical Targets and Playstyle[ | ]



As described above VeilStalkers have "bonus" against Veil-stealthers, but in general their preferred combat targets are the lightly-armored ones. Their main weapon against these is the effect of surprise, interrupts and disrupts which, if timed right, can be even more deadly than the direct damage due to magic backfiring.

Very important detail is that VeilStalkers will be able to go in and out of the Veil much quicker if there is more spells in the area, thus becoming even more deadly during bigger battles. This both encourages them to take part in the large scale fights and makes them more welcome to guilds and parties. Naturally, the "group oriented" `Stalkers might prefer wearing heavier armor.

Alternatively, playing in the style of classical Assassin, the "Lone Wolf", will also be viable - the idea of the game design is not to deprive players of options but rather to give them alternatives. Just, there won`t be one-shots or 100%-to-zeros against disabled opponents - be prepared for longer TTKs (time to kill) than the "average" ones for a Rogue/Assassin in many other games, compensated by other things some of which were already mentioned.

Gearing and Grouping in the Veil[ | ]

The Veil doesn`t like groups thus discouraging big stealth parties, also wearing metal inside of it is not recommended because of the metal sounds that can be heard outside, allarming the potential victims. Simply - the more stealthers close together, the more noise they make and the more health they lose when coming out.

In other words, if you suspect that a stealthed enemy is sneaking around, you better start listening very, very carefully (or bring your VeilStalker friend). To avoid being heard, stealthers are often using specially crafted gear and weapons inside the Veil, preferably made by highly skilled craftsmen.

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