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Creating the character
Creating the character

The stat system of Camelot Unchained gives a stylistic nod in the direction of old school Pen-and-Paper games as well as to some early MMORPGs. The stat choices, same as choices of Banes and Boons, start at the very character creation (see the image) and are only a part of very rich and deep character customization.

Overview[ | ]

  • Player’s actions are directly tied to gains in their stats. Swinging a heavy sword will increase strength
  • The large number of statistics allows players great control over their character
  • The system is geared toward players who like to min/max
  • During character creation, players will be given points to allocate to their stats
  • Players will have meaningful choices to make, as some stats are “locked” at creation and can’t be changed afterward
  • No stat bonuses to items is a major divergence from current generation of MMORPGs, where this is the “accepted” way of doing things
  • Instead, crafters will be given greater control over almost every aspect of item creation
  • Balancing stat bonuses on items has been a long-term issue for many successful MMORPGs, and CSE considers the overuse of stat bonuses a major reason behind gear grinding; therefore, Camelot Unchained won't have those bonuses

Guiding Principles[ | ]

  • Bring back stat systems of early Pen-and-Paper games
  • MMORPGs have been simplified over the years, limiting player customization
  • Complex statistic-based systems require players to make choices. In our game, players can “gimp” their character, either accidentally or on purpose
  • Bring back “usage-based” systems. If you want to increase your strength, do things that require strength. Remove “experience-based” systems and leveling, since this is an RvR game with few, if any, quests
  • Adds immersion to the game and the character
  • Given the lifespan of successful MMORPGs, the stat system must allow continual growth, but not in a way that breaks the core concept of horizontal progression

Implementation[ | ]

  • Three major types of stats:
  • Primary – Stats that can be raised or lowered during character creation and that can also increase with use (and may at times decrease during the character’s lifespan)
  • Secondary – Stats that can’t usually change over the life of a character, and do not increase with use such as a character’s vision
  • Derived – Stats that are based on Primary and Secondary stats
  • Stat Caps - Unlike most games, stats do not give overarching bonuses (like +damage), but serve as a “gating mechanic” to abilities, weapons, etc.
  • All stats have multiple caps:
  • Mundane – Stat progression is reasonably quick at this level
  • Heroic – Stat progression slows down now
  • Soft Cap – Stat progression is very slow at this point

Character Creation[ | ]

Stat List – Primary[ | ]

All stats on this list are currently planned for the game, but this may change during the course of development.

  • Strength – Increases carrying capacity, and allows use of heavy weapons and armor
  • Dexterity – Reduces Encumbrance penalty, and allows use of medium weapons and light armor
  • Agility – Increases movement speed, and allows use of light weapons
  • Vitality – Increases maximum Health
  • Endurance – Increases maximum Stamina
  • Attunement – Increases capacity for summoning the power of magic through the Veil, and allows use of magic ability components
  • Will – Improves control of magic, and reduces the chance of the Veil reacting in a negative way to magic spells drawn from it
  • Faith – Allows use of magic granted by Greater Powers
  • Resonance – Allows use of voice- and instrument-based abilities
  • Eyesight – Increases Vision range and allows use of targeting abilities

Stat List – Secondary[ | ]

All stats on this list are currently planned for the game but this may change during the course of development

  • Presence – Affects how NPCs react to the player-character, as well as the effectiveness of certain abilities
  • Clarity – Reduces the effects of Panic on the player-character
  • Hearing – Increases the player-character’s Detection rating
  • Mass – Increases the difficulty of pushing the player-character, and grants increased pushing power

Stat List – Derived[ | ]

All stats on this list are currently planned for the game, but this may change.

  • Health – Increases the threshold for wounds and fatal damage to the different parts of the player-character’s body
  • Stamina – Increases the maximum value and regeneration rate of Stamina, when used by movement abilities
  • Movement Speed – Increases the maximum movement speed of the player-character
  • Vision – Increases the distance at which other players normally become visible
  • Detection – Increases the distance at which concealed characters may start to be detected
  • Encumbrance – The burden of the equipment a player-character is carrying and wearing, reducing the player’s movement speed, casting speed, and attack speed
  • Carrying Capacity – Increases the amount of weight the player may carry, including all armor and weapons. Players that are heavily encumbered will suffer penalties
  • Panic Rating – The degree to which Panic events affect the player character, causing increased ability failure chance and reduced Stamina regeneration rate

Classes and Stats[ | ]

  • Camelot Unchained is geared toward players who want significant differences between classes
  • Some stats are very important to only one or two classes, while other stats impact many classes
  • During character creation, players will have lots of points to spread across these stats while they search for their ideal build
  • Players will be able to min-max a great deal during the character creation process

Stat Bonuses[ | ]

  • Stats will not provide bonuses to the use of items and gear. As per above, they will be used as a “gating mechanic,” allowing you to rank up and use better weapons
  • There are multiple levels of proficiency at which a weapon can be used, such as “low, required, ideal, or extraordinary”
  • A very strong player might be able use a particular weapon better than a weaker player, but will not get a bonus across all weapons
  • This is intended to allow crafters and other players to have a lot more fun with their weapon creation and stat allocation in Camelot Unchained
  • Camelot Unchained won’t feature stat bonuses on items

Developer Quotes[ | ]

Players will have very wide choice of what to do with their stats during character creation, but respecs will be limited because in Camelot Unchained choice matters [1]. Connected to that:

  • "The races/genders will be very different from each other in terms of their starting stats/abilities but also in numerous other ways. For example, certain races/genders are better attuned to the sources of magical power in the world. I know some people will complain that this is not fair but that is how it is going to be in CU, where these choices matter. We want the player to think carefully before they create their character, to run the various character generators and read the guides before beginning the process. We are not seeking to gain traction among traditionally non-gamers but rather amongst experienced RPG and MMORPG players." [1]
  • "The race/gender statistical differences are only the beginning. I've talked about implementing a very PnP feeling Banes and Boons system which will allow further customization of a character. That along with the swing a sword enough times, your strength goes up also means that whatever your starting abilities are, you'll be moving up more than a little bit.[2]
  • "Additionally, players will be able to customize their characters more than just stats so adjusting body type and other attributes (race for example) also play a role in determining your baseline character. What it really boils down to is whether the initial statistical differences are so great that if you want to play a female human warrior for example you'll be really gimped (without arguing over "how gimped is gimped") in RvR. The answer that race/gender matter along with B&B choices but not to the point of being gimped after character creation." [2]
  • "The same thing applies to races/classes of course. We don’t want the races/classes to be the exact same across the various realms as we want CU to be based more on rock, paper, scissor rather than mirroring as we did in Warhammer Online. My feeling is that if I am willing to go RPS and endure the howls of people who want a mirrored system (or want their choice of realm/race/class to be OP), I might as well go all the way with making choice matter. With WAR, I told the team that I wanted to go mirrored because of the issues we had with Dark Age but it’s a different time now and thankfully a different game." [2]
  • "Weapons will have strength requirements attached to them but what I hope (not promise) we can do is allow players to pick up weapons that are almost too heavy for them and try to use them in practice and battle supported with some humorous animations.  However, like eating your spinach, using that kind of weapon over time will make you strong like ox and you will get better at wielding it." [1]
  • "There will be no bag/bank slot limitations in our game (sorry leather/cloth workers, we’ll have better things for you to do though) but we will be reintroducing the concept of “carrying capacity” and other lovely terms that will be quite important to your character.  Now, because we are not a PvE, loot drop based game it will not matter quite as much but you will not be able to go out carrying 20 swords, 10 battleaxes, and 3 suits of plate armor." [1]
  • "Final example: You want to play a mage who likes to play with fire, a lot. After deciding that a female Tuatha Dé Danann gives you a nice little bonus and after some serious min-maxing, you now have a character you cleverly call Fiastrtr.  She cannot wield a heavy sword (at least not well) but now it is time to kick it up a notch.  You choose to take “The Vow” and in exchange for not letting cold iron/steel touch your skin, you increase your attunement with magic.  You also choose “You move like a pregnant yak!”  (Not the real name but I could not resist a movie quote) further reducing your usefulness in melee but once again increasing your magical attunement.  You also choose the very powerful “Victory or death” vow which means that when you are dying (but not dead yet) your body cannot be resurrected/healed by another player but well, enemies who are standing around you will not be happy.  Also, if you choose to sacrifice yourself heroically (when you are not dying), well, they will remember your name." [1]

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