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Stabilizers in action
Stabilizers in action

Description[ | ]

A magical device of some sort that allows players to move the islands of the map together and transform the land.

Attributes[ | ]

  • The pieces of the map can be reassembled by the players using stabilizers
  • Their magic changes the world’s geography
  • All of them must be destroyed on land owned by another Realm in order for that land to be claimed
  • Land must be claimed in order to place a stabilizer, and this speeds up the claim
  • More stabilizers speeds up the transformation of the land
  • Slowly attract adjacent pieces of the map together, if both pieces have the Realm’s stabilizers
  • When two stabilizers from a the same Realm meet, islands will join
  • Players can “feed” the stabilizers with power in some way

Appearance[ | ]

  • Glowing
  • Whirring gears and crystal gyros
  • Metal tree growing around a sapphire globe

Sources[ | ]