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St'rm are the most enigmatic people of all of the races throughout the Realms. Scholars only have conjectures about their origins and their motivations, and the St'rm prefer it that way. Some are even connecting them with the Dragons, but these are shrouded with even more mystery.

The St’rm are elegant and graceful, and very proud of the power that lies in their rhythmic movements. To the St’rm, to battle is to dance, and their graceful steps are a form of magic themselves.

St'rm are heavily matriarchal in both government and dominance of form although all members of their race have a very refined grace, and are among the world's most prolific dancers. They are also known for their strong bonds, acting with respect even to their enemies.

History[ | ]


Elegance and mystery

Speculated connections with the Dragons could link St'rm to the very creation of the world as we know it today. We can only hope that, someday, a veil of secrets will be lifted.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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Appearance[ | ]

The St'rm appear as lean reptilian humanoids. Embraced in a layer of pale scale plating throughout their entire body, with intricate designs of darker scale usually on the face, back, and along the belly. They have ridges around the sides of the head with wild growths of rigid wispy hair. Their hands are clawed with thin needle-like talons, while their leg end with wide digitigrade feet with thicker talons. They have vestigial tails, along with a pair of wings that come out the small of their backs; though, those might be more ornamental than functional, helping to add to their unearthly grace.

Features[ | ]


Racial Stats[ | ]


Banes and Boons[ | ]

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Name Description Cost Times
Live by the Sword You may not equip weapons or focus items other than swords 2 5
Self-Righteous You may not train in any runes of Dark magic, and your resistance to Dark Magic is reduced by 1 10 1
Suspicious Your Resonance, Faith, and Will are reduced by 5 5 3
Creeping Despair You suffer 1 additional panic rating for the death of each ally nearby 1 5
Cursed Legacy Your maximum panic rating is reduced by 3 while near the ruins of Camelot 1 5
Dread of Disorder Your resistance to chaos magic is reduced by 25 and chaos effects inflict an additional 5 panic rating 5 1
Held Back by Honor Your attacks gain no bonus for striking enemies from behind 10 1
Obsessed With Revenge When wounded by an enemy, you lose 5 penetration defense until they are killed or you are killed 5 1
Overconfidence Your resistances are lowered by 1 for each ally greater than the number of enemies present nearby, up to 25 2 5
Pacifist You may not equip weapons or use abilities which cause damage to enemies 10 1
Shield Dependence You lose 5 resistance to crushing, slashing, and piercing resistance when not using a shield 5 1
Within These Walls Your wound threshold is reduced by 5 when not defending allied buildings 5 1
Name Description Cost Times
Built to Last Your armor penetration defense is increased by 1 2 5
Know Thy Enemy (Requires Built to Last) Your chance to be wounded is reduced by 5 against attacks from the front 5 1
Steadfast Defense (Requires Know Thy Enemy) [Ability] You gain 25 resistance to crushing, piercing, and slashing until after the next time you take damage 10 1
Disciple of the Mind Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Mind spells by 5% 1 5
Astonishing Acuity (Disciple of the Mind) Increases the power of Mind effects by 1 3 3
Sublime Sage (Requires Astonishing Acuity) Critical result rolls for Mind spells increase by 1 5 1
Faith in Fire Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Fire spells by 5% 1 5
Afterburn (Requires Faith in Fire)'Increases the duration of Fire damage over time by 3 3 3
Inner Inferno (Requires Afterburn) Fire effects ignore 1 fire resistance on their target 5 1
Squire's Schooling Your proficiency with all weapons and armor is increased by 1 2 5
Knight's Knowledge (Requires Squire's Schooling) Ignore the effects of a panic rating below 25% 10 1
Paragon's Planning (Knight's Knowledge) You and nearby allies gain +1 to armor penetration (does not stack with other players' Paragon's Planning) 10 1
Sword Student Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Sword attacks by 5% 1 5
Blade Bonded (Requires Sword Student) Lowers the minimum stat requirements of Sword weapons by 1 3 3
Sword Master (Requires Blade Bonded) Increases penetration with sword attacks by 3 5 1
Endless Fortitude Stamina costs are reduced by 50% while Exhausted 10 1
Unified Front Increases all damage resistance by 1 per nearby player of an allied race 1 1
Splitting Striker Your first attack after exiting travel mode reduces the target's resistance to the type of damage dealt by 5 5 2
Intensive Study Your Attunement is increased by 5 5 3
Master at Arms Your time to switch weapons is reduced by 50% 10 1

Notable members[ | ]


Trivia[ | ]

  • The St'rm were originally released as a neutral race concept during the Kickstarter, it wasn't until later they were placed in Arthur's Realm.

Revision history[ | ]

  • April 16th, 2013 - Race is revealed during the Kickstarter

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  • Are St'rm holding the key to the mystery of Dragons?

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