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Reading the Spellbook
Reading the Spellbook

As a spell is created, it is inscribed into a spellbook for repeated use through the magic system. The inscribed spells must be charged at the cost of blood, weakening the mage for a short time. Charging the spells gives the mage enough uses of the spells for multiple fights until the charges are worn out. Through usage in the Progression System, the spellbook will level up.

Overview[ | ]

  • The spellbook tracks charges, usage, successes, and failures of inscribed spells
  • Spellbooks level up with the player, gain more power, and *possibly* achieve sentience (Stretch Goal)
  • Creating new spells and inscribing them into a spellbook is dangerous, and may fail catastrophically
  • Players may name their custom spells in their spellbook, and use these names in the game
  • Players may show their spellbook to others, and share spells they have created
  • Spells inscribed in spellbooks must be charged before they can be used
  • Spellbooks have a maximum capacity of spell charges they can hold
  • Spell charges are drained from the spellbook when the spell is cast
  • Spellbooks become easier to recharge over time with use, and can be upgraded or replaced to hold more charges

Concept Art[ | ]

Spellbook concept1

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