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Realm Arthurians
Archetype Scout
Motto The world’s shadows are our home.

The Specters possess a greater mastery of fear than the scouts of the other Realms. While it is not a necessary component, Specters often wear a special face-mask when not “working” at their chosen profession. The origin of Specters is a bit of a mystery to most Arthurians; the Specters like to keep it that way.

History[ | ]


Sample Components[ | ]

Specter Spectral-Form Spectral Form (Modal)
Transitions the user to and from their spectral body. If the spectral body is not already present and alive, it is re-summoned. The user’s spectral body gains greatly increased camouflage and movement speed, and may perform Specter abilities.
Specter Ectoplasmic-Absorption Ectoplasmic Absorption (Specter Ability)
Places a shadow debuff on the target that siphons blood from the target after a brief period of time, transferring blood to the user’s body.
Specter Stifle-Fade Stifle Fade (Specter Ability)
Marks an enemy target as sighted for a long duration, and greatly reduces the effects of Cross Fade.

Key Features[ | ]

Divine Intervention

Ethereal Sabotage
Places a shadow debuff on a deployable object for a long duration. If an enemy approaches and remains within close proximity to the affected object for a brief period of time, this debuff causes damage to the object and any nearby enemies.

Death Curse

Haunting Fear
When the spectral body is killed, it inflicts a high amount of panic to enemies within a large area, with a duration based on the remaining blood of the user’s body. Any enemies who reach their maximum panic rating while under the effects of Haunting Fear are affected by a shadow debuff that greatly reduces their movement speed, as well as ability preparation and recovery times.

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  • October 30th, 2015 - Scouts were revealed during the 5th week of the Fall Class reveals.

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