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The Skíðblaðnir was the first and largest Dvergr stone ship that was made to travel from the Inner World back to surface. The journey did destroy the mighty vessel but it did see it's passengers safety to their destination.

Overview[ | ]

The creation of the famous ship was founded on the idea by a young Sindri, who was named after the origin of their people. His idea was to make a ship that would sail through the earth, like a ship would on the water. Built with the help of his brother, materials obtained by Gaumr and Thyra, and the use of a forge of earth.

When it was completed, they gathered a company of Dvergar into the ship. Their sailed up through the earth, guided by Thyra and her magical compass; which was also of Sindri's make. The ship started to fall apart, but did manage to break to the surface after days of travel.

The plans for the ship were left in the care of Sindri's brother. He would go on to make another stone ship that would bring more of the Inner World's denizens back to their homeland.