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Sindri is the name of the small mining town where the people that would eventually Become the Dvergar lived.

Description[ | ]

  • Trying to regain former glory after the First Breaking
  • Created both hard-headed and humor-loving people
  • A very important place to the Dvergar
  • All its people who did not escape into the mine during a Malevolence were changed into abominations

History[ | ]

Survived the Second Breaking with at least some of its infrastructure intact, but was destroyed by a Malevolence and its people turning into abominations.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

Main Article:Dvergar Becoming

Founded by hopeful miners in the mountains, and the subject of their attempts to rebuild, though doomed to failure and destruction.

Realm association[ | ]

  • May have some association with the Vikings Realm, as the Dvergar who reemerged did so there

Trivia[ | ]

  • Possibly means either "small, trivial" or else "sparkling" in real-life Old Norse.
  • Associated with a 'golden hall'
  • In real-life Norse legend this was the name of a dwarf who made many several items for the gods with the aid of his brother Brokk

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