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Known details about the servers of Camelot Unchained

Locations[ | ]

  • Camelot Unchained will have both European and North American servers.
  • There will be no region-locking. Players from NA/Europe will be able to play wherever they want.
  • The number of servers will be based on the preferences of US and European Backers.
  • The exact number of servers will not be decided until there is a count of players closer to launch.
  • CSE will operate the European servers and will not relay on a publisher. They may use a cloud provider such as AWS.[1]

Server Tech[ | ]

  • The physics of the game are mostly done on the server side[2]
  • The client load will mostly be on the CPU, and therefore what brand of graphics card you use doesn't matter.[2]
  • The use of server side physics helps eliminate some forms of cheating by having the server handle the collison.[3]

Test Servers[ | ]

  • Hatchling - IT Test server - Typically uses a newer but more unstable build.
  • Wyrmling - Alpha server - Uses a more stable build.

Live Servers[ | ]


References[ | ]