Camelot Unchained Wiki

Some quick facts [1]:

  • All plots have permissions to allow other players to build/help build a structure on a plot
  • Players work together to build structures, mines etc.
  • Players risk of losing plot ownership if they don’t maintain it properly
  • Plots can decay/degrade overtime if not kept up (Possible – time and/or monetary costs)

Developer Quotes[ | ]

QuestionWill housing consist of a plot system, claiming a square of land that you can build on, or more of a free form, where you could actually build your own house around someone else’s building?

Renée Machyousky: In open areas (which will be most of the world) it will more or less be choose your own adventure, with obvious limitations for steep terrain, structures already in place, etc. In the safe zone there will be plots that you can claim/purchase and once you do so, others will not be able to build there while you own it.[2]

Sources[ | ]