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Camelot Unchained will feature a map unlike that of most other MMORPG games; a fractured world where islands move and shift to your realms as you claim control over them. On these islands are many different types of locations, including some vital resources that are called Places of Power[1].

Overview[ | ]

Places of Power are key locations on the Camelot Unchained RvR Map. As yet, it is not explicitly known exactly what purpose Places of Power will have. They may have varying uses and/or serve as different resources. What is known is that they will be important RvR objectives in the world and that there will be multiple Places of Power on the map. These locations may 'deplete' over time/use, but also may be replenished by the Veil.

The resources for a the first Place of Power, designed for Beta 1, are shown in this Tidings with Tyler video[2] and in this update[3]. This was constructed during the first beta crunch where the team worked overtime to attempt to get Beta 1 ready on time. Approximately 4+ days of manpower went into the modeling and other work needed for these tools in order to create modular resources that could be taken apart and re-used.

Trivia[ | ]

Places of Power were first mentioned during the BSC Days videos. The first Place of Power shown on video was in Tidings with Tyler, April 8, 2016[2]. While the game was still in Alpha testing.

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Videos[ | ]

04-08-16 Tiding with Tyler (Segment about Places of Power)

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