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The world of Camelot Unchained is full of wondrous and spectacular places. Some of these locations will be built by players, many are spoken of only in lore and legend, and a few of them will be created by City State Entertainment and put into the game world. The following is a list of places that appear in the lore of Camelot Unchained.

Place Appears in
Academy The Becoming - Silverhands
Camelot Tales of the One True City
Cavern of Stone Souls The Becoming - Silverhands
Eagla Portach The Becoming - Fir Bog
High Courts The Becoming - Silverhands
Inner World The Becoming - Dvergar
Islands BSC Map Reveal
Lake of Storms Stormriders
Móine Alúine The Becoming - Fir Bog
Outer World The Becoming - Dvergar
Realms Becoming
Ruins BSC Reveals
Silent Gate The Becoming - Golems
Stormlands The Becoming - Golems, The Becoming - Cait Sith
The Depths The Becoming - Golems, The Becoming - Silverhands
The One True City Tales of the One True City
The Veil Becoming
Winter Court Tales of the One True City

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