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The Piercing
The Piercing

The Piercing refers to the Piercing of the Veil, also known as the First Breaking of the World. This was the event that triggered the cataclysms which dramatically changed the world far in the past.

The reaction of the Veil to being pierced caused the catastrophic magical Veilstorms that almost wiped out the world`s population, twisting the survivors in various ways and thus giving birth to many new races of Camelot Unchained.

What is known about the Piercing[ | ]

  • Caused most of the world's population to die or become changed by magic.
  • Allowed magic (and maybe Dragons) from another universe to leak into this one, and change it completely.
  • The mysterious Emissaries visited this world through the damaged Veil and, for reasons possibly beyond our logic, presented three swords to the Sword Brothers thus giving birth to the Realms as we know them today.
  • The actual cause of the Piercing is currently unknown, and is one of the deepest enigmas in the current lore of Camelot Unchained.
  • The many upheavals of earth and ocean caused the Islands to form, although The One True City pulled them together, prior to the Second Breaking.

Piercing and a History of the World[ | ]

The Mystery of Dragons:

The legends of Emissaries, Sword Brothers and how the great war began:

Sources[ | ]

The Coming of the Emissaries pt 1