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Realm Arthurian

The Picts are a race of warriors. Both men and women take up arms, bearing tattoos that aren't just decoration but rather a part of their very being; tattoos that give each Pict special insight into the world around them.

History[ | ]

Well before the First Breaking of the world, the Picts were pirates and raiders. The Picts have a matriarchal society, and it is said their lineage includes many women, even back in the old days, who were both warriors and mothers, leaders and caregivers of their tribes. To frighten their enemies, the Picts used paint to create tattoos on both their male and female warriors. After the breaking, the tradition of these tattoos became more than just part of their culture; it became part of their very being. These tattoos are now meant to do far more than just to frighten their enemies, providing the Picts with special abilities and insight into the world that other races do not possess [1].


Pict concept art

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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Before the First Breaking of the world, also known as the Piercing, the Picts were known as pirates and savages. Their lineage was determined by their mothers yet their kings were men. After the First Breaking, it was the greatest of their kings that brought them out of the caves that had sheltered them through the Veilstorms. Brude Bridei Mac Billi, also known as Brude Mac Bile, was a restless young king, always looking for more for his people than their secure cave dwellings.

One day Brude's tattoos began to shift in a mysterious way. The king rose to one of their falcon's nests to consider and read the shifting markings. As the sun reached its zenith he realized the meaning: war was coming. Brude made the descent down from the nest and to their meeting place, sitting and letting the stones' song call all others to him. Picts, Goblins, and all others sat and saw his tattoos dancing in the cavern light; beheld the visions of his falcon Drest, and they gave their votes to him. They would go to war.

The decision for war was not unanimous and some, an older man named Nechtan among them, would persuade Brude Bridei Mac Billi to delay. Brude knew that neither he nor his elders knew how to wage war and Nechtan feared his plan of sending their tribe first against the Tuatha Dé Danann invading their lands to learn of war. Brude declared that they could not wait and must become the warriors they once were. He conferred with his falcon Drest and shared in his memories, spying the enemy's location. The Tuatha Dé Danann had arrived in force and Brude's Picts went out to meet them. As they crept toward their foe a great storm unleashed upon them and they found themselves caught in a battle not with the Tuatha Dé Danann, but with another tribe of Picts.

Brude found himself matched in battle by Eithne Mac Cinad, Queen of her tribe. Realizing their mistake, the two tribes called off their battle and Brude apologized for their trespass. Eithne sent them back to their lands but soon Brude found him and his people under attack by the Tuatha Dé Danann. They were caught unprepared and Brude was wounded, soon saved as Eithne and her tribe joined the battle. However, both tribes were unprepared and outmatched by the expert warriors of the Tuatha Dé Danann. A fierce and bloody battle ensued and the outcome looked grim for the Picts.

"Bones break, warpaint runs, wounds gush blood. It is this end, Brude; it is the end." - Eithne Mac Cinad

Their warriors retreated and rallied to try and hold against a final charge by the Tuatha Dé Danann. As their foes came at them and the Veilstorm raged overhead, Brude and Eithne cried out in final defiance. The veil's Malevolence struck the Picts and the Tuatha fell back. The power of that chaotic magic engulged the Picts. Tattoo, mud, and blood merged into a second skin that hid them from their enemies and taught the Picts their own way of war. Brude Bridei Mac Billi and Eithne Mac Cinad would survive and their love would be forged through warfare. They would eventually birth a daughter, the first true-born Painted One of the Picts.

Appearance[ | ]

The Picts look mainly human but for the strange, magical tattoos that cover much of their bodies. Men and women were both tattooed before the breaking, but now they are covered in a second skin of tattoos that change in appearance.

Features[ | ]

The Picts' tattoos have a strange power. This 'second skin' can change to match their surroundings and reveal truths of the world.

Racial Stats[ | ]


Banes and Boons[ | ]

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Name Description Cost Times
Live by the Sword You may not equip weapons or focus items other than swords 2 5
Self-Righteous You may not train in any runes of Dark magic, and your resistance to Dark Magic is reduced by 1 10 1
Suspicious Your Resonance, Faith, and Will are reduced by 5 5 3
Creeping Despair You suffer 1 additional panic rating for the death of each ally nearby 1 5
Cursed Legacy Your maximum panic rating is reduced by 3 while near the ruins of Camelot 1 5
Dread of Disorder Your resistance to chaos magic is reduced by 25 and chaos effects inflict an additional 5 panic rating 5 1
Held Back by Honor Your attacks gain no bonus for striking enemies from behind 10 1
Obsessed With Revenge When wounded by an enemy, you lose 5 penetration defense until they are killed or you are killed 5 1
Overconfidence Your resistances are lowered by 1 for each ally greater than the number of enemies present nearby, up to 25 2 5
Pacifist You may not equip weapons or use abilities which cause damage to enemies 10 1
Shield Dependence You lose 5 resistance to crushing, slashing, and piercing resistance when not using a shield 5 1
Within These Walls Your wound threshold is reduced by 5 when not defending allied buildings 5 1
Name Description Cost Times
Built to Last Your armor penetration defense is increased by 1 2 5
Know Thy Enemy (Requires Built to Last) Your chance to be wounded is reduced by 5 against attacks from the front 5 1
Steadfast Defense (Requires Know Thy Enemy) [Ability] You gain 25 resistance to crushing, piercing, and slashing until after the next time you take damage 10 1
Disciple of the Mind Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Mind spells by 5% 1 5
Astonishing Acuity (Disciple of the Mind) Increases the power of Mind effects by 1 3 3
Sublime Sage (Requires Astonishing Acuity) Critical result rolls for Mind spells increase by 1 5 1
Faith in Fire Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Fire spells by 5% 1 5
Afterburn (Requires Faith in Fire)'Increases the duration of Fire damage over time by 3 3 3
Inner Inferno (Requires Afterburn) Fire effects ignore 1 fire resistance on their target 5 1
Squire's Schooling Your proficiency with all weapons and armor is increased by 1 2 5
Knight's Knowledge (Requires Squire's Schooling) Ignore the effects of a panic rating below 25% 10 1
Paragon's Planning (Knight's Knowledge) You and nearby allies gain +1 to armor penetration (does not stack with other players' Paragon's Planning) 10 1
Sword Student Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Sword attacks by 5% 1 5
Blade Bonded (Requires Sword Student) Lowers the minimum stat requirements of Sword weapons by 1 3 3
Sword Master (Requires Blade Bonded) Increases penetration with sword attacks by 3 5 1
Endless Fortitude Stamina costs are reduced by 50% while Exhausted 10 1
Unified Front Increases all damage resistance by 1 per nearby player of an allied race 1 1
Splitting Striker Your first attack after exiting travel mode reduces the target's resistance to the type of damage dealt by 5 5 2
Intensive Study Your Attunement is increased by 5 5 3
Master at Arms Your time to switch weapons is reduced by 50% 10 1

Notable members[ | ]

  • King Brude Bridei Mac Billi

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