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Physics in Camelot Unchained is one of the key systems that affects every part of the game, rather than being a simple client-side add-on.

Facts about Physics in Camelot Unchained[]

  • A unique feature of Camelot Unchained is that it uses Nvidia’s PhysX system on the server.
  • Ensures that client-side hacking of anything that touches the physics system is not possible (unless the server is hacked).
  • The server is truly acting as the “traffic cop” (as the term is usually used with MMORPGs).
  • Physics will be important part of both building and destruction on the battlefield.
  • Physics is extremely important for the A.I.R. system, where all abilities, projectiles and other objects can collide and interact.
  • Physics will support many features, such as that larger and stronger characters will be able to throw their weight around against lighter opponents.
  • Even in the Tech Alpha testing phase, physics in Camelot Unchained has been hailed as a unique and interesting system.

Developer Quotes[]

Andrew Meggs (from the Foundational Principle #13, "Chaos Goes Boing!"): As soon as you make physics part of your gameplay, you open up the possibility for things to happen beyond just the simplistic model of pen-and-paper combat. That castle wall didn’t just “become destroyed”. The chunk you took out landed someplace, and maybe on someone. That fireball didn’t just “miss”. It had a location in the world, and if it didn’t hit what the target then it had to go someplace else. If someone else jumps in the way they’re going to get a nasty surprise — or heroically save their friend! And either way, it’s a story. It’s something that happened to you that didn’t happen to someone else. It’s the stuff YouTube videos are made of.


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