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Realm Arthurians
Archetype Healer
Motto Physician, heal thy Realm.

To achieve their goal of being the best healers on the field of battle, members of this class use a bit more “science” than many others. The Physicians rely on a mixture of ability-enhanced potions, elixirs, and magical abilities to accomplish their goals. They also utilize a variant of the horn of Brân Galed (one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain) to enhance their potions.

History[edit | edit source]


Sample Components[edit | edit source]

Physician-Soothing-Elixir.png Soothing Elixir (Primary)
Reduces panic and cures a wound from the target’s most damaged body part.
Physician-Healing-Elixir.png Healing Elixir (Primary)
Heals the target for a moderate amount and grants them a life buff that heals them for an additional small amount each time they take damage, for a brief duration.
Physician-Bottle-Toss.png Bottle Toss (Secondary)
Throws a bottled potion at the target, smashing it against their body and applying its effects at below normal power.
Physician-Alchemical-Empowerment.png Alchemical Empowerment (Modifier)
Spends an amount of stored Alchemical Accumulation power to increase the power of an equipped potion.
Physician-Horn-of-Replenishing.png Horn of Replenishing (Modifier)
Expends an amount of power from the user’s horn to restore an amount of an expended elixir or potion.

Key Features[edit | edit source]

Divine Intervention

Alchemical Overcharge
Cures up to two wounds on the user’s most damaged body part, and restores a large amount of health to all the user’s body parts based on the user’s amount of Alchemical Accumulation.

Death Curse

Forever Wounds
The user’s hostile target is haunted by a ghostly image of the dead Physician and is affected by a life debuff that prevents their wounds from being cured and greatly reduces the power of any healing they receive, for a brief duration.

Banes and Boons[edit | edit source]

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  • November 25th, 2015 - Physician were revealed during the 9th week of the Fall Class reveals.

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