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Max Porter
Max Porter

Max Porter, amongst other things author of the Astari series of fantasy novels, was hired as full-time writer and editor by CSE as a result of successfully funded Stretch Goal [[Stretch_Goals&redirect=no#The_Writer_Cometh_-_Completed_6.2F13.2F14_-_.242.2C650.2C000|The Writer Cometh. "Max comes from a creative writing background heavily steeped in fantasy. His primary duty is to help Mark create the lore and world our players will be fighting for." [1]

Here is how "Meet the Team" page of Camelot Unchained site describes him:

Max Porter loves games of all kinds, from the tabletop to digital and beyond. He has a degree in creative writing from UCLA, and has written several fantasy and science fiction novels.

An accomplished Gamemaster, Max runs role-playing games for the office and creates whole worlds from scratch. He has worked with Norse, Celtic, and Arthurian myths as both a scholar and an author, and he tries to infuse game lore with their magic. "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." [2]

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  • Max was originally an intern before hired full time.
  • Max is also a published author, publishing a young adult fantasy novel called Pandalai.
  • Was behind the development of the Enter The Depths boardgame.
  • His wife knitted the duck with sunglasses that often creeped into Beta1 Crunch Week livestreams.
  • Max is known for coming up, and game-mastering the Gauntlet of Death pick-your-path game used during livestreams

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