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Inner World The deep-down place where the Dvergar live. It is full of wondrous magic and creatures.

Description[ | ]

  • Dvergar term for their underground cave home vrs The Outer World which is the world above ground
  • Safe haven for the folk of the town of Sindri
  • Consists of dark fields of mushrooms and Nodes of Dvergar clans

History[ | ]

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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The town of Sindri gets destroyed when many of it's citizens become Abominations. The survivors in the mineshaft flee to find safety and establish a new life. As they go deeper into the earth they slowly become Dvergar.

Inner World Trivia[ | ]

  • Mushrooms are a staple
  • Seeing in the dark is necessary
  • A single Dvergar is a Dvergr
  • In underground fields, the Dvergar care for and raise animals called "deepsheep"

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