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This page serves as a listing of the known hard and soft requirements of the game. You should also find other technical aspects here as well, as well as, included established tech and support.

Hard Requirements[ | ]

Hard requirements, or perhaps better known as minimum specifications, include elements that are lowest bar in which the game will run.

  • Processor: Unknown
  • Ram: Unknown
  • Free Disk Space: Unknown
  • Graphics Card: DirectX11 capable cards.
  • Nvidia: GeForce 400 series and up.
  • AMD: Radeon 5000 series and up.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista and up; No Mac or Linux support at this time.

Soft/Suggested Requirements[ | ]

Soft requirements are the suggested or minimum specifications to have to best enjoy playing the game with no or minimal problems, but obviously not at the highest settings.

  • Please note, it is highly suggested by the studio and the community to wait to purchase new hardware for the game until close to release. The current soft requirements are derived from Alpha or Beta discussion about the game and won't reflect the finished product. Additionally, new hardware options will become available or more affordable as time goes on. It is recommended once again that if a player is looking to build a machine for Camelot Unchained then it is best to wait. Take the suggestions below with a grain of salt.
  • Processor: Intel Sandy Bridge and up.
  • Ram: 8 gigs of ram.
  • Free Disk Space: Unknown
  • Graphics Card: Graphics care will be the tightest bottleneck in game performance.
  • Nvidia: Nothing stated, but the Pascal series is very good.
  • AMD: The upcoming Vega series cards will have features that help with small polys that CU will utilize a lot.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 has been suggested.