Camelot Unchained Wiki

Realm Tuatha Dé Danann
Race Hamadryad
Gender Female

Hamadryas appears as a significant character in several stories as a wise leader and powerful healer. She was the first Hamadryad.[1][2]

Notable achievements[ | ]

  • Leader of the first family of Hamadryads
  • Kept Nuada alive even after his arm was cut off

Key known skills[ | ]

  • Brave and respected
  • Battles the Stormwrought
  • Searches for survivors of the Veilstorms
  • Emerged from a talking tree
  • Heals Nuada of terrible wounds
  • Dispels a massively powerful illusion

Key characters encountered[ | ]

Key locations visited[ | ]

  • The forest where the Great Protectors originated
  • Tír na nÓg
  • An entrance to The Depths

Key timeline information[ | ]

  • Age of Becoming

References[ | ]