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Realm Tuatha Dé Danann

The Hamadryads are the guardians of the Great Protectors that help shield the lands of their Realm from the fury of the Veilstorms. They are part of the Tuatha Dé Danann because this Realm has respect for the great Oaks with which Hamadryads share a special bond.

The Hamadryads share their wisdom and verdant magic with the Realm in the conflict against its enemies, helping to conquer or to build the bulwarks that shield the races of the Tuatha Dé Danann from the dangers of the shattered world.

History[ | ]

The history of the Hamadryads is one of symbiosis and rebirth. One of a people and a mighty tree that perished in the fury of a Malevolence, only to come back stronger than ever, their faith rewarded.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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The dawning of the Hamadryads began at the heart of the forest. The elder Emon Alsea had taken his family far into the forest, settling next to a great oak for the refuge as the Veilstorms came to the lands. There, they lived in harmony with the land. Never taking more than they needed. A life of preserving nature, being a part of it.

Their lifestyle resonated with others, and they formed an enclave around the tree. The tree appeared to have shielded them in return. As the Veilstorms sundered the land around them they continued to live in tranquility.

That safety continued until the coming of a Malevolence. Their enclave was battered and they had to retreat to the great oak at the heart of their society. There the remaining Alsea family tried to shield the tree with their bodies. The nine stood defiant and chanted to give each other the strength to endure, the youngest granddaughter of Emon offered her life in place of the tree and, in the aftermath of the Malevolence, only the trunk of the once great tree remained.

To prove the mysterious nature of the Veilstorms, another Malevolence appeared in the same spot a year later. This time, a new type of tree emerged from the husk of the old oak with a dazzling display of shimmering magic. The power of the tree and the storm clashed in violent opposition, the struggle ending with the tree absorbing the power of the Malevolence and redirecting it. This massive tree became the first of the Great Protectors. A year after the contest, the grove was restored by the arrival of a large number of smaller trees that sprouted around the new great tree.

Decades passed, and the grove become a place of worship once again. One day, a visiting youth awoke the spirits of the people who protected the grove by touching the largest of the trees that ringed around the Great Protector. The spirit that answered his call was the reincarnation of Hamadryas, the youngest brave granddaughter of the Alsea family that disappeared so long ago, who emerged from the tree he touched. She then summoned the rest of her family and protectors from the remaining trees in the grove, though the spirit of Emon remained at rest in the great heart tree. These beings of nature and their heart trees would spread to the entire forest and become known to the Realms as the Hamadryads.

Appearance[ | ]


Hamadryad VeilWalker

Hamadryads are humanoid hybrids that are an amalgamation of human, insect, and tree aspects. Their faces have human-like features with strangely alien eyes of various colors. Their heads are crowned with tufts of hair and pairs of insectoid antennae. The skins of their bodies display vibrantly colored patterns, with areas of carapace protecting their shoulder, chest, hand, and hip areas.
Their arms up to the wrists and legs below the knee show as a veined wooden texture. Their feet fan out in arches, similar to the shape of roots. Their most attention-grabbing feature is their long whip-like tail, that moves with a life of its own. Leaf patterns form at the base of the tail, while the end of the tail forms one of many different types of natural defenses, such as poisoned barbs, spikes, or pincers.

Features[ | ]


Racial Stats[ | ]


Banes and Boons[ | ]

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Name Description Cost Times
Cut to the Quick Reduces your resistance to Slashing by 1
Fear of Fire! Increases panic by 1 when affected by a damaging fire effect
Flammable Reduces Fire Resistance by 1
Home is the Heart-Tree Reduces your travel mode movement speed by 2 while not in a forest
Night's Curse Increases the duration of bleed effects on your character by 1 at night
I Need a Great Protector Veilstorms drain 1 stamina per second in addition to their other effects

Name Description Cost Times
Flexible Feelers Increases your Detection by 1
Verdant Power Increases the power of your Life magic abilities by 1
Day's Gift Increases your critical rating by 1 during the day
Lash Out Reduces the activation times of your reactive abilities by 1 for 10 seconds when you sustain a wound
Never Defenseless [Ability] Close range tail strike which inflicts poison damage over time
Deep Green Increases the duration of your poison effects by 1

Name Description Cost Times
Chronic Weakness Your strength is reduced by 10
Cursed Destiny The rate at which you recover stamina is reduced by 5%
Susceptible to Sorrow Your Vitality is reduced by 5
Vain Warrior You may not carry a secondary weapon
Aloof Manner The presence of allies nearby reduces your resistances by 1
Doomed Destiny Your total stamina is reduced by 10
Getting the Shivers Panic-causing events which affect you are increased by 1
Keep Away! Enemy strikes against you with melee weapons gain 1 to wound results
Malignant Weakness Each wound you have sustained increases your encumbrance by 1
Self-Absorbed Your abilities may not target allied players
Slow on The Uptake Your reactive defense abilities take 1 second longer to activate
Dreadful Nightmares Your maximum panic rating is decreased by 10 at night

Name Description Cost Times
Spears Speak to Me Lowers the minimum stat requirements of Spear weapons by 1
Essence of Existence Reduces recovery time of Life effects by .5 seconds
Faultline Finder Increases damage with Earth effects by 1
Master of the Spear Wound result rolls with spears are increased by 2
Seismic Master Increases power of Earth effects by 5
Avatar of Anarchy Your Chaos magic abilities gain 10 to critical results rolls, cause 5 additional panic rating, and have their blood cost reduced by 5. You may not train in any form of magic other than Chaos.
Endless Energy Your endurance is increased by 2
Master Hunter Your chance to wound is increased by 2 with ranged attacks
Breath of Life Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Life spells by 5%
Champion of Calm Allies near you have their panic rating reduced by 1 each time you assist in killing an enemy
Fearsome Focus [Ability] Attacks against the target of this ability within 30 seconds gain 2 armor penetration (does not stack)
Feel the Earth Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Earth spells by 5%
Fleetfoot Your movement speed in combat is increased by .5
Loyal Fury You gain 1 to wound result rolls against enemies for 30 seconds after they attack one of your allies
Nothing Hurts Wound result rolls to your vital body parts are reduced by 5
Skewering Skills Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Spear attacks by 5%
Surefooted You recover from being knocked down 50% faster
Twisted Knowledge Your proficiency with Dark magic runes is increased by 2 and your proficiency with Light magic runes is decreased by 1
Vigorous Vitality Reduces the blood cost of Life effects by 1
Sickening Secrets Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Chaos magic by 2% and decreases the rate of proficiency gained with Void magic by 10%

Notable members[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The concept for the Hamadryad female had heeled feet. This was brought up to the concepts artist, who responded with, “High heels are pretty. They also make them more eleganter!” Seeing that he wasn't going to win this one, Mark Jacobs gave in to their artistic discretion, and allowed the Hamadryads to have unusual feet.
  • It has been suggested that Hamadryas meets Nuada both as a boy and as an adult, but it is slightly uncertain whether they're the same person.

Revision history[ | ]

  • July 15th, 2013 - Becoming for the Hamadryads is released.
  • July 29th, 2013 - The concept art pieces for the race are revealed.
  • October 15, 2013 - Hamadryad animation test shown with the Bean Sidhe Becoming.
  • May 30th, 2015 - Hamadryad Becoming was rewritten in Unveiled Newsletter #10.

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Video[ | ]

Hamadryad Animation Test
Storytime with Max: Hamadryad

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