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Looking for strawberries
Looking for strawberries

Similar to Mining, Gathering in Camelot Unchained is a branch of Crafting. Everybody will be able to gather but appropriately specialised crafter class will be much more efficient at it. Some forms of gathering mentioned so far are logging (from timber fields and possibly elsewhere), gathering stone (from stone quarries), using mud pits for making bricks and, in general, picking up resources scattered around.

Below are some excerpts from Crafting Design Documents [1] related to gathering.

Popcorn Crafting – Gathering/Harvesting[ | ]

Wandering around and picking up stuff scattered throughout the world is considered a key example of Popcorn Crafting. The planned design is that players can gather or harvest from any field or plot that falls into one of the following:

  • Unowned
  • Owned by the player (Fighters can have their own fields, but they will be limited in size)
  • Owned by an enemy Realm
  • Owned by another player or entity which has granted the gathering player permission

Crafting for Crafters: Design Goals for Full-time Crafting[ | ]

  • Crafters are split into three sub-classes, though each can access all three. They are: Takers (they take from the land), Shapers (they shape the raw materials) and Makers (they make the finished item)
  • Use downtime + crafting time
  • Crafters should have stat progression similar to combatants

Developer Quotes[ | ]

Ben Pielstick (from the "Dose of Design" section of Newsletter #13): There are still random and semi-random events that take place, which will help keep the game fresh and interesting. One example of this would be resource spawning, which will not be purely random, but will have enough randomness to require players to go out and explore the world again and again in order to discover new resources. This should, in turn, shift the focal points on the map over time, and lead to battles in new and different locales, as the resource distribution changes.[2]

Sources & References[ | ]