Camelot Unchained Wiki
Realm Tuatha Dé Danann
Race Luchorpán
Gender Male

Gadai is the main character of the Becoming story for Luchorpán.

Notable achievements[ | ]

  • Became the first Luchorpán

Key known skills[ | ]

  • Through wishing for it hard enough and at the point of death, teleports himself and another to a safe location
  • Called the greatest thief that ever lived
  • Kept himself and his sister alive, along with a crowd of less fortunate children, with his thieving skills
  • Possibly some disguise abilities

Key characters encountered[ | ]

Key locations visited[ | ]

  • Home village, destroyed by a Veilstorm
  • The village where Aingeal lives
  • A sheltered cave where he is forced to slay an abomination that had once been his sister Angha

Key timeline information[ | ]

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