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Flame Warden
Flame Warden
Realm Arthurians
Archetype Mage
Motto May our fire burn eternally. With it, we will cleanse the land of enemies.

Flame Wardens are more than fireball-throwing mages. They are also the protectors of the Eternal Flame, which resides deep within their guild hall. They believe they must ensure that the Eternal Flame lights the world forever, for without it, the Age of Frozen Darkness will descend. As Flame Wardens, they also carry a piece of the Eternal Flame with them at all times. It is this fire which serves as the initial power source for their abilities.

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Sample Components[ | ]

Flame-Warden-Primal-Fire Primal Fire (Rune)
Deals high direct fire damage, and applies a fire debuff that deals moderate fire damage over time for a brief duration.
Flame-Warden-Bolt Bolt (Shape)
A long-range direct projectile that tracks toward a hostile target and builds additional Pyroclastic Overcharge.
Flame-Warden-Siege-Ball Siege Ball (Shape)
A large, slow-moving, arcing projectile with a long activation time that explodes on impact and deals bonus damage to structures and deployable objects.
Flame-Warden-Circle-of-Power Circle of Power (Modal)
Immobilizes the caster, and grants increased power to fire magic abilities based on the current amount of Pyroclastic Overcharge.

Key Features[ | ]

Divine Intervention

Pyroclastic Incineration
Expends all remaining Pyroclastic Overcharge power and blood to increase the power of the user’s next spell cast.

Death Curse

Charred Flesh
The user’s body explodes when they die, dealing damage based on remaining Pyroclastic Overcharge power to nearby enemies. This also applies a fire debuff that reduces movement speed and increases ability activation and recovery times for a brief duration.

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  • November 6th, 2015 - Mages were revealed during the 6th week of the Fall Class reveals.

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