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Fir Bog
Realm Tuatha Dé Danann

Known as the Caretakers, the Fir Bog protect the bogs and swamps with giant-sized might, and as all Giants - they grow bigger and tougher over time. Dark secrets of their past lie deep down in the peat and moss, and each Fir Bog hides a deep mental connection to every other Caretaker. Reading the future in omens, they watch for danger to their Realm.

They are seers and mighty wardens of the wilds, secretive and powerful. The Fir Bog believe in preserving the deep mysteries of the Realm, and defending against all comers with great strength. Family ties are the strongest ties among the Fir Bog, and they ferociously defend their kith and kin.

History[ | ]

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The Fir Bog gather to remember their past, with a mystical connection to the bogs where they tend to live. They come from a family that was persecuted for its ties to the throne, and saved itself in desperate straits.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

Main Article: Fir Bog Becoming

The Fir Bog originate with the family of Eochaid, Teia, and Tiu their daughter. Eochaid was involved in politics, but had to flee when things turned sour. The family took up residence in the Móine Alúine, an ancient bog where some Luchorpán also lived. The family forged a deep connnection with nature, and was happy for a time.

However, one night a "blue moon" rose, a portent of calamity or great events that would become significant to the Fir Bog generations afterward. That night, Eochaid's political rival, Odbgen, ambushed them in the bog with a group of armed guards. He knocked out Teia, and sought to duel her husband Eochaid. In order to distract Eochaid, the villain mentioned that he had already caught his daughter, Tiu, and sank her in the bog with several dead Luchorpán. Filled with fear and rage, Eochaid used the storm that was brewing to his advantage, and managed to wound Odbgen and ran into the forest to save his daughter.

Having found the pond where she was drowning, he dove into the pool again and again, but found nothing, despite nearly drowning himself. The storm worsened into a Malevolence, and Eochaid cried out desperately, diving one last time into the dark pool, most likely to his death. However, he was changed by the storm into the first Fir Bog, and with his great size and familiarity with the bog he was able to find and save his daughter. They emerged, and went back to find Teia, his wife, all three becoming the first Fir Bog and giving birth to the race.

Appearance[ | ]

Enormous and powerful-looking, the Fir Bog giants have a plantlike appearance, very much in tune with the bogs they tend to call home. Their skin tends to range through browns and greens, while their hair is often their most plant-like feature. Their necks can be adorned with frills and leafy growths, and their eyes tend to be dark and deeply set.

Features[ | ]

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Racial Stats[ | ]


Banes and Boons[ | ]

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Name Description Cost Times
Chronic Weakness Your strength is reduced by 10
Cursed Destiny The rate at which you recover stamina is reduced by 5%
Susceptible to Sorrow Your Vitality is reduced by 5
Vain Warrior You may not carry a secondary weapon
Aloof Manner The presence of allies nearby reduces your resistances by 1
Doomed Destiny Your total stamina is reduced by 10
Getting the Shivers Panic-causing events which affect you are increased by 1
Keep Away! Enemy strikes against you with melee weapons gain 1 to wound results
Malignant Weakness Each wound you have sustained increases your encumbrance by 1
Self-Absorbed Your abilities may not target allied players
Slow on The Uptake Your reactive defense abilities take 1 second longer to activate
Dreadful Nightmares Your maximum panic rating is decreased by 10 at night
Name Description Cost Times
Spears Speak to Me Lowers the minimum stat requirements of Spear weapons by 1
Essence of Existence Reduces recovery time of Life effects by .5 seconds
Faultline Finder Increases damage with Earth effects by 1
Master of the Spear Wound result rolls with spears are increased by 2
Seismic Master Increases power of Earth effects by 5
Avatar of Anarchy Your Chaos magic abilities gain 10 to critical results rolls, cause 5 additional panic rating, and have their blood cost reduced by 5. You may not train in any form of magic other than Chaos.
Endless Energy Your endurance is increased by 2
Master Hunter Your chance to wound is increased by 2 with ranged attacks
Breath of Life Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Life spells by 5%
Champion of Calm Allies near you have their panic rating reduced by 1 each time you assist in killing an enemy
Fearsome Focus [Ability] Attacks against the target of this ability within 30 seconds gain 2 armor penetration (does not stack)
Feel the Earth Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Earth spells by 5%
Fleetfoot Your movement speed in combat is increased by .5
Loyal Fury You gain 1 to wound result rolls against enemies for 30 seconds after they attack one of your allies
Nothing Hurts Wound result rolls to your vital body parts are reduced by 5
Skewering Skills Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Spear attacks by 5%
Surefooted You recover from being knocked down 50% faster
Twisted Knowledge Your proficiency with Dark magic runes is increased by 2 and your proficiency with Light magic runes is decreased by 1
Vigorous Vitality Reduces the blood cost of Life effects by 1
Sickening Secrets Increases the rate of proficiency gained with Chaos magic by 2% and decreases the rate of proficiency gained with Void magic by 10%

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Notable members[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the Celtic mythos Eochaid mac Eirc was a Fir Bolg, that became High King of Ireland after overthrowing Fodbgen (or some cases Odbgen), whom took his throne from Rinnel; whom also mentioned in the Fir Bog Becoming. Eochaid mac Eirc held the throne for ten years before being overthrown by the Tuatha Dé Danann 10 years later at the first battle of Mag Tuired.

Revision history[ | ]

  • April 18th, 2013 - Becoming story and concept art released in separate updates.
  • April 18th, 2014 - Rewritten Becoming story released in an Afternoon Update.

Vines[ | ]

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