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The Drengr was an early concept for the warrior class of the Vikings. [1] Though now replaced by a different class system, it was first revealed in the Dec 17, 2014 News Update. The term 'Drengr' means warrior in Old Norse (although the more modern interpretation is 'lad'). There were five proposed Paths for the Drengr - each Path was based on a god or goddess of Norse mythology and represented by an iconic weapon or item associated with that deity.

In a later reveal, it was determined that the path system as outlined in the Drengr concept document would be too difficult to due proper justice for all announced archetypes. Based on this, the Drengr as previously announced was not part of the class reveals, and is not currently scheduled to be in the game. The Path of Thor, however, has heavily influenced the Viking fighting class, the Mjölnir.

Drengr Paths[ | ]

Path of Thor - Mjolnir (Hammer)[ | ]

Quote: "The Mjolnir prefer offense to defense, and are great at leading any Viking charge. Their weapon of choice is of course their hammer. Like Thor’s hammer, this is no ordinary weapon, but a hammer that has been made magical by its association with the player. The hammer plays an important part in combat for them, as they not only use it to smash things, but also to interrupt attacks by enemy casters. They generally cannot soak up as much damage as, say, their Arthurian counterparts, but their hammer attacks allow them to be quite the PITA in certain situations."

Path of Freyr - Sword[ | ]

Quote: "Those that follow this Path are not quite as offensively focused as those who follow Thor, but still wield a formidable offensive weapon. Like the followers of Mjolnir, their swords can be used as ranged weapons as well as in standard melee, but the Drengr who follow the Path of Freyr are much more effective at range than their hammer-using counterparts. The reason that the sword doesn’t have a name is that the sword of Freyr (which is a sword that can fight on its own) was never specifically named in Norse mythology."

Path of Odin - Gungnir (Spear)[ | ]

Quote: "Those that follow this Path are the strongest at range of all the Drengr Paths, as well as being decent melee fighters."

Path of Sol - Svalinn (Shield)[ | ]

Quote: "Those that follow this Path deal less damage than the rest of the Drengr Paths, but are great meat shields and possibly, a little bit more."

Path of Forseti - Axe[ | ]

No information was ever announced for this path.

Drengr Lore[ | ]

No Lore was ever announced for this class.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Drengr was the first and to date only class document released
  • The Path System first introduced as part of this class reveal is no longer part of the game plans

Videos[ | ]

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