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Dread Caller
Dread Caller
Realm Arthurians
Archetype Spirit Mage
Motto And with their souls, bind them.

These dark mages power their spirit magic with the souls of those convicted of crimes. The souls which achieve greatness through their deeds are set free, according to Arthur’s laws. Once their sentence is completed, these souls return to their bodies and live once again as members of their Realm. Because the Dread Callers use tainted souls, the spirits that they work with are the darkest of any used in the three Realms.

History[ | ]


Sample Components[ | ]

Dread-Caller-Soul-of-the-Traitorous-Soldier Soul of the Traitorous Soldier (Primary)
Calls forth a criminal soul that uses great sword abilities to fight for the caster.
Dread-Caller-Soul-of-the-Corrupted-Cultist Soul of the Corrupted Cultist (Primary)
Calls forth a criminal soul that uses mind and shadow magic abilities to fight for the caster.
Dread-Caller-Guardian-Revenant Guardian Revenant (Secondary)
A hulking protective figure with high health that may travel only a short distance from the user before starting to fade and taking damage over time.
Dread-Caller-Necropotent-Transposition Necropotent Transposition (Modal)
Shifts the mind of the caster into the revenant form they have summoned, allowing the user direct control over pet movement and abilities, while their living body remains stationary.

Key Features[ | ]

Divine Intervention

Necrotic Consumption
When controlling a pet, transfers all of the user’s remaining health to their pet and grants a death buff that increases damage and movement speed, with a duration based on health gained. When not controlling a pet, transfers all of an active pet’s health to the user, and inflicts a spirit debuff that prevents the summoning of pets for a moderate duration.

Death Curse

Horrific Vengeance
One of each of the user’s known pet types erupts from the user’s body to attack their last target or any other nearby enemy. Pets gain a death buff that directs the healing of Deathly Assistance to themselves.

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  • November 20th, 2015 - Dread Caller were revealed during the 8th week of the Fall Class reveals.

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