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The Daily Report
The Daily Report

The Daily Report, along with Realm News, is the current main progression reward planned for players of Camelot Unchained. Each player gets an email (and/or in-game) report that shows what they accomplished during the last day’s play session.

What appears in the Daily Report[ | ]

  • The report also shows the overall accomplishments of the player's Realm, its status (for example, the number of players that signed on), and other factors of the overall reward calculation

Daily Reports will also include building, crafting, mining...any "patriotic" activity

  • The Daily Report shows only the aggregate reward, not the rewards for individual actions

Daily Report: Expected Benefits[ | ]

  • Because rewards are daily instead of immediate, exploit detection is easier, and CSE can punish destructive behavior such as “keep trading” between Realms
  • Rather than only caring about personal gains, each player should have an incentive to have fun, go where they want, and become a productive member of the Realm
  • The actions of every player within a Realm count toward the rewards of Realm-mates. Helping out Realm-mates and cooperating to achieve goals means better rewards for everyone

Gallery[ | ]

Daily Report For Beginners[ | ]

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