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Concept Art
Concept Art

The Depths[ | ]

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The Depths concept (Kickstarter, skip to 1:20):

Dragons[ | ]

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The Mystery of Dragons...

Armor Concepts[ | ]

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Tuathan Armor Concept (skip to 5:50):

Tuathan Armor Q & A

Part 1 (skip to 2:56):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Magic[ | ]

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Mage Armor Concepts (skip to 1:50):

Mage Armor Q & A

Part 1 (skip to 0:50):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

City State Entertainment[ | ]

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Arthurian, Images[ | ]

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Concepts Becoming Reality - Cait Sith:

Concepts Becoming Reality - Golem:

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Concepts Becoming Reality - Luchorpán:

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Concepts Becoming Reality - Jötunn:

Races In General, Videos[ | ]

The Opposition Podcast with Mark Jacobs; Skip to 10:00 for concepts behind creating CU races:

Developer Quotes[ | ]

Mark Jacobs: "I don't want our artists spending weeks or longer on a single piece of art. It would be easy for us to do that (some other devs do), to try to wow you with the quality of their art. That's one quick and easy way for games to get quickly offtrack. I encourage our artists to work quickly, to focus on ideas, concepts, etc. and not to spend cycles working toward creating the "perfect" piece of art. That stuff is for art school or artists who are trying to produce a finished piece of work for a variety of reasons (sale, portfolio, etc.)." [1]

Mark Jacobs: "Looking at any/all of our races, the question is why bother to have a post-apocalyptic world if all the of races are simply going to be the same that we've seen in lots of other games? For me, this is a chance to create some new races, some new variations on races, etc. that can be based on legends/lore but become indelibly associated with Camelot Unchained. Another thing to keep in mind is that I plan on putting more races out for review/comment than what we've said will be in the game at launch.

I have no doubt that during the next two years some of our races won't make the cut and that's okay. That's why we are starting now and will continue adding new races during the next two years versus keeping them to ourselves and then posting them up as a fait accompli. Like, love, loathe, it's all good at this point as long as our backers remember that this is only one idea for one update. :) Personally, I'm excited about attempting a very different take on a feline race. If it works, fabulous, if not, that's fine too. The pre-production period should be all about taking chances with the game's design/IP and we intend to keep doing that." [2]

Mark Jacobs (speaking about Cait Sith): "I want this race to look lethal, menacing and purely feline. No human boobs, no humans in cat suits, etc. If they don't come out that way, we'll take them off the list." [3]

Mark Jacobs: "We are really trying to stay away from the typical cat races for our Cait Sith. As to my BSC ideas, our first goal is to nail the look for some possible core races and then move to another group. I'd love to be able to do some truly non-humanoid races but as you correctly point out, that comes at an additional cost. And as truly fun and/or BSC some concepts are, part of my job here is to manage expectations/expenditures no matter how much I would really, really want some BSC races in there.

As to an homage to some of the races of Dark Age of Camelot, we'll see. For me it boils down to whether a race/legend can be made to fit into this post-apocalyptic world and be made interesting for our players." [4]

Mark Jacobs: "In terms of the Cait Sith (or any race), in terms of how they will look in gear, please keep in mind that I specifically asked our artists not to worry about that yet. I want them to focus on form and not worry about armor, weapons, etc. yet. That will come later and frankly, will need its own round(s) of of creation/iteration so putting the two together at this point would have been a mistake.

In terms of the CS specifically, these are the earliest roughs of the concept. Unlike creating humans, our artists have no form to follow so whether it is their feet, hands, etc., these are bits that will be worked out over the next two years. Please keep this in mind when you are critiquing the artwork. :)

If two (sometimes three) concept artists could nail each race in two weeks going from start to finish (while working on other things at the same time), I’d be shocked. I’ve been fortunate to work with some fine concept artists over the years and this stuff just takes time, especially when you are going with non-humans. If terms of your suggestions, they are good but keep in mind the fact that I do want the basic form done first. We nail that and then move on from there." [5]

Blogs & Articles[ | ]

1.Massively exclusive: Camelot Unchained dev blog discusses armor, part 1

2.Massively Exclusive: Camelot Unchained armor dev blog, part 2

3.Massively Exclusive: Camelot Unchained armor dev blog concludes with part 3

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