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Ability builder in action
Ability builder in action

Components are what players make abilities out of, using the Ability Building System.

Ability Components[ | ]

Four basic types of ability components[ | ]

  1. Primary – The thing that the player wants the ability to use, such as a sword
  2. Secondary – The way in which a player wants to use the primary component. For example, if the Primary component was a sword, a Secondary could be a slash. Sword + Slash = Sword slash attack
  3. Modifiers – Optional add-ons, which a player can use to further tweak their abilities to suit a desired playstyle. These are the largest set of components, and cover things such as adding range to an attack, width to an AOE attack, or directing an attack to a specific body area
  4. Modal Components – These change the state of the character in some way, such as an offensive or defensive stance

Using Components[ | ]

  1. All abilities require at least one Primary and one Secondary component
  2. Can have multiples of both, such as when attacking with multiple weapons
  3. All components must be learned and practiced to increase their effectiveness
  4. A small percentage of gain can come from practice against dummy targets, and possibly against a trainer or other members of your Realm
  5. Not all components are compatible with each other
  6. No class has access to all components, and many components are class- or Realm-locked to prevent mirrored classes

Videos[ | ]

Early ability builder in action (skip to 0:45):

Sources[ | ]

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