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Silly, tragical or heroic - these characters gave birth to the lore and the world of Camelot Unchained as we know it today.

Overview[ | ]

Character's name

A[ | ]

Aingeal Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Luchorpán
  • The Becoming - Luchorpán
  • Wife to Gadai.
  • Her exploits are detailed in the Tales of Aingeal and Gadai.

Andvari[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • Smith who created the golden ring
  • Took in the Golden stranger who wore his ring

Angha[ | ]

  • Human/Abomination
  • The Becoming - Luchorpán
  • Sister of Gadai.
  • Was mercy killed by her brother as she turned into an abomination.

Arthur Shields-arth[ | ]

  • Human
  • Tales of the One True City, The Becoming - Cait Sith
  • King of his people, a sword brother, brother to Sigurd, married to Gwenhwyfar.
  • Witnessed the fall of Camelot.

Askr Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Úlfhéðnar
  • The Becoming - Úlfhéðnar
  • Husband of Embla, one of the first of the Úlfhéðnar.
  • Saved a boy who called himself Sigurd from a giant serpent by slicing it in half with the strength of his rage.

B[ | ]

Badhbh Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Bean Sidhe
  • The Becoming - Bean Sidhe
  • First of the Bean Sidhe, travels the lands enacting revenge on those who deserve her justice.
  • Was horribly mutilated by her husband Donn, she took his life after her transformation.

Balor[ | ]

  • God
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • An evil entity that manifests as an one eyed statue of terrible power.
  • Aided Bres in conquering Tir_na_nÓg, feeding on the life energy of it's inhabitants as payment.

Beast, The[ | ]

  • Human
  • Ice mad gigantic human who captured young Vikings to eat
  • Could be distracted by his fondness for riddles
  • Battled by Thrud and Gest and defeated by the children who became the first of the Jötnar

Bres[ | ]

  • Tuatha
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • Tricked by #The Merchant into conquering [Tir_na_nÓg]] from Nuada with the assistance of Balor.
  • Cut off Nuada's arm. Died from rapidly aging as the powers given to him failed, believing that he had did the right thing for his people.

Brude Bridei Mac Billi[ | ]

  • Pict
  • The Becoming - Pict
  • King of the Picts also known as Brude Mac Bile
  • Lead the Picts out from under the mountains after the Veilstorms

Brynhildr Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Valkyrie
  • The Becoming - Valkyries
  • First of the Valkyries, wife of Sigurd, Queen of the Vikings.
  • She was resurrected as part of her transformation. Brandishes a flaming spear and crimson black wings.

C[ | ]

Crimthann[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Bean Sidhe
  • A drummer that traveled with Badhbh and Donn
  • Played a bodhrán. Was murdered by Donn.

D[ | ]

Dinah[ | ]

  • Golem
  • The Becoming - Golems Part III
  • Took over for Maharal when she needed to rest.
  • Overheard the Vikings telling the lies of the Overseer.

Donn[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Bean Sidhe
  • Husband of Badhbh, and a traveling singer.
  • Saved Badhbh from a mob and later married her. Killed Crimthann, and crippled Badhbh in a jealous rage. Was later slain by Badhbh in retribution.

Donnie Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Luchorpán
  • The Great Depths Raid - I-X
  • Joined the depths raid to find fabulous wealth.

Drest[ | ]

  • Falcon
  • The Becoming - Pict
  • Pet of Brude Mac Bile
  • Has mental connection with Brude that allows him to act as a scout

Durnir Shields-viking[ | ]

E[ | ]

Eir Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Valkyrie
  • The Becoming - Valkyrie
  • Among the first of the Valkyrie.
  • Joined Brynhildr with her justice against their original oppressors.

Embla Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Úlfhéðnar
  • The Becoming - Úlfhéðnar
  • Wife of Askr, one of the first of the Úlfhéðnar.
  • Helped save a youth named Sigurd from a giant serpent with her husband Askr.

Emon Alsea Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Hamadryad
  • Eldest of the Alsea Family that protected the Great Oak, first of the Great Protectors, Grandfather of Hamadryas
  • He was him that suggested that his family devote themselves to defending the forest, when the Hamadryads awoke he choice to stay with the Great Oak in spirit.

Eochaid Shields-tdd[ | ]

F[ | ]

Fogja Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Jotnar
  • The Great Depths Raid I-X
  • Only a growth stage 2 Frost Giant
  • Joined the raid on The Depths to learn secrets and gain the respect of her people.

G[ | ]

Gadai Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Luchorpán
  • The Becoming - Luchorpán
  • Husband to Aingeal, brother to Angha, forefather of the Luchorpán.
  • Exploits are detailed in the Tales of Aingeal and Gadai, known for his personal code.

Gaumr Shields-viking[ | ]

Gest Shields-viking[ | ]


  • Brother of Thrud
  • Loremaster and storyteller
  • Discovered "The Beast's" lair while hunting for his brother and the missing children, his stories along with the Malevolence lead to the creation of the Jötnar

Goji[ | ]

  • Gargoyle
  • The Becoming - Gargoyle
  • Child prodigy obsessed with music in all forms.
  • Among the first of to be transformed into a Gargoyle

Golden Stranger[ | ]

Gondul Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Valkyrie
  • The Becoming - Valkyrie
  • Among the first of the Valkyrie.
  • Joined Brynhildr's with her justice against their original oppressors.

Gwenhwyfar Shields-arth[ | ]

  • Cait Sith
  • Tales of the One True City, The Becoming - Cait Sith
  • Daughter of Moireach, Heir to Clan Kellas, Queen to the Arthurians.
  • Formidable warrior, clawsword user, and slayer of Cath Palug. Like her mother, she has the power to see the future.

H[ | ]

Hamadryas Alsea Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Hamadryad
  • The Becoming: Hamadryads, The Becoming: Silverhands
  • First of the Hamadryads, Leader of the Hamadryads, Slayer of the Stormwrought
  • Hamadryas has met and guided Nuada several times. She is a powerful healer. Granddaughter of Emon.

Hel Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Greater Power
  • To Be A HelBound
  • Goddess of Life and Death, Mother of the Nine Worlds.
  • Hel was a mortal woman transformed by the Veilstorms and ascended to godhood.

Hidduk[ | ]

  • Cait Sith
  • The Great Depths Raid - Part I-XII
  • Former explorer of The Depths, and only party member who survived the original foray.
  • He felt an overwhelming need to return.
  • Became corrupted and transformed.

Hildr Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Valkyrie
  • The Becoming: Valkyries
  • Among the first of the Valkyries.
  • Joined Brynhildr's with her justice against their original oppressors.

I[ | ]

J[ | ]

John Bigboote[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • The Becoming: Silverhands
  • Mercenary.
  • Traveled with Nuada into The Depths. Initially thought dead, Nuada managed to rescue John from the grasp of The Merchant.

Jorvald[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • The Great Depths Raid - Part I-XII
  • Young Dvergr barely past his first emergence of jewels, fearsome with an axe.
  • Joined the raid on The Depths to seek jewels, to impress his father, and to gain glory.
  • Reference and named for backer, Jorvald of Clan Sverker.

K[ | ]

L[ | ]

Lancelot Shields-arth[ | ]

Lugh Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Tuatha
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • Leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann, he assisted Nuada recover the Four Treasures.
  • Help restore the Tuatha Dé Danann, learning from Nuada's mistakes.

M[ | ]

Maharal Shields-arth[ | ]

  • Golem
  • The Becoming: Golems
  • Mother of Golems, Kiln-Born, First of her kind to speak words. a.k.a. The Golem-mother
  • Freed the Kiln-born from the Speakers of Lies by carving the word "truth" to dispel the death magic based on them.

Medraut[ | ]

  • Stormrider (exiled)
  • The Becoming - Stormriders
  • An exiled Stormrider whom opened the doors on some of the customs of his people.
  • Presumably, Medraut sought exile rather then face the Trial again if the facts he told of Stormriders are true.

The Merchant[ | ]

  • Unknown
  • The Becoming - Golems, The Becoming - Silverhands, Tales of the One True City, and others
  • Commonly associated with The Depths, the Merchant has tricked many into his mysterious schemes.
  • The Merchant has powerful control of illusions, and has appeared from everything as a middle-aged man, a beautiful woman or terrifying beast.

Miach[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • Son of Dian the Smith. Designed and crafted the silverarm of Nuada
  • Gifted the secrets of the silverarm to the Tuatha Dé Danann, and had all memory of it erased from his mind.

Mimir Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Jötunn
  • The Becoming - Jötnar
  • Originally a young boy from the village of Út who went frost-mad along with two other children
  • Was kidnapped by the Beast, who was subsequently slain after a Malevolence turned the children into Frost Giants
  • Took the name Mimir after his escape, and helped rebuild Thrud and Gest's meadhall, and the rest of Út after the storm

Moireach Shields-arth[ | ]

Morrigan[ | ]

  • Tuatha
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • Granddaughter of Nuada.
  • Has the power of shape-shifting, most notably into a crow.

Motsognir Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • The Becoming - Dvergar
  • Mining expert, one of the Ascended, and together with Durnir was chiefly responsible for the survival of those originally from Sindri.
  • Mostly known as 'Old Motty.' Unlike other Ascended, Motsognir was not content to settle into his own Node, and continued to explore.

Myrddin[ | ]

  • Human
  • Tales of the One True City, The Becoming - Golems
  • Mentor of Arthur, Court Historian of Camelot.
  • Powerful spellcaster, and had many powerful prophecies.

N[ | ]

Nimue[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Silverhands
  • Mercenary spellcaster who accompanied Nuada to The Depths.
  • Water based caster. Sacrificed herself to allow Nuada escape The Depths. Was later rescued from the clutches of the The Merchant along with John.

Nuada Shields-tdd[ | ]

O[ | ]

Obdgen[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Fir Bog
  • Former High King to a presumably extinct kingdom.
  • Hunt down and tortured Eochaid and his family. Perished slowly by the hands of vengeful Luchorpán.

The Overseer[ | ]

  • Human
  • Member of the Speakers of Lies
  • The Becoming - Golems Part III
  • Wore a black cloak and spoke lies to all he encountered about the Golems

P[ | ]

Palug[ | ]

  • Abomination
  • The Becoming - Cait Sith
  • Known as the Hunter of Hunters, this former man's quest to eliminate cats help create the Cait Sith and turned him into a monster.
  • Also known as Cath Palug, the creature that was slain by Arthur and Gwenhwyfar.

Phadrig[ | ]

Puck[ | ]

  • Phouka/Horse
  • Defeated several abominations that attacked his farm
  • During the attack he gained strange powers and extra intelligence

Q[ | ]

R[ | ]

Romain[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Gargoyle
  • Teacher, leader, and choir master that helped rebuild the cathedral of the Gargoyles
  • His sacrifice awakened the Gargoyles

S[ | ]

Sacriphisto[ | ]

  • Bean Sidhe
  • The Great Depths Raid - I-XII
  • Healer that joined the group that explored The Depths.
  • Joined the Great Depths Raid in order to find peace within himself and understand his own ghastly life, as well as to study new life.

Sindri Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • Dvergar Becoming
  • Crafting genius, made the Skíðblaðnir.
  • With the help of his brother, made the Skíðblaðnir, which made possible the first exodus that returned the Dvergar back to the surface with Thyra and Gaumr.

Sigurd Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Viking
  • The Becoming - Úlfhéðnar, Tales of the One True City
  • King of the Vikings, Sword Brother, Brother to Arthur, Husband to Brynhildr.
  • A powerful man who prefers the cold climates, was said to have been rescued from a giant serpent by Askr and Embla as a boy.

The Speaker Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Viking
  • To Be A HelBound
  • Mortal father to Hel, prominent member of the HelBound.
  • Particularly strong HelBound.

The Speakers of Lies[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Becoming - Golems Part I
  • Not a single person but a group
  • Creator of the Golems
  • Went with The Merchant into The Depths to find the Kiln of Ur

T[ | ]

Talorc[ | ]

  • Pict
  • The Becoming - Picts
  • Young Pict who excelled at the art of camouflage
  • Had trouble controlling his tattoos when emotional

Teia Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Fir Bog
  • The Becoming - Fir Bog
  • Wife of Eochaid, Mother of Tiu.
  • Became a Fir Bog after her husband, and were remarried to symbolize their true beginning.

Tiu Shields-tdd[ | ]

  • Fir Bog
  • The Becoming - Fir Bog
  • Daughter of Eochaid and Teia.
  • Befriended several forest dwellers, who were discovered later on to be Luchorpán.

Thrud Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Human
  • Brother of Gest
  • Great Warrior and leader of men, the children he tried to save from "The Beast" became the first of the Jötnar

Thyra Shields-viking[ | ]

  • Dvergr
  • Main protagonist of the Dvergar Becoming story
  • An explorer whose vision brought the Dvergar back to the surface.
  • Challenged the leaders of the Inner World about returning back to the surface. Traveled on the Skíðblaðnir with Gaumr and Sindri. Befriended Sigurd with a joke that would forge the bond between the Dvergar and Vikings.

U[ | ]

V[ | ]

W[ | ]

X[ | ]

Xedric Shields-arth[ | ]

  • Human
  • The Great Depths Raid I-X
  • Senior Sentinel of the Flame Wardens.
  • Sought a source of great power which drove him to join the raid of The Depths.

Y[ | ]

Z[ | ]