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Attunement Increases the power of the character's magic effects and resistance to the negative effects of the Veil, and allows use of magic shapes and runes. Stats Directly Affected:

Will Improves Veil Subtlety of magic used, reducing its effects on the Veil, and allows use of modifier components as a part of magic spells. Stats Directly Affected: Veil Subtlety + 0.1 per Attribute Point

Faith Allows use of ability components granted by Greater Powers and increases the power of incoming healing. Stats Directly Affected:

Agility Increases movement speed, and allows use of light weapons. Stats Directly Affected: Movement Speed +0.16 per Attribute Point

Vitality Increases maximum Health. Stats Directly Affected: Max Health +25 per Attribute Point Health Regeneration 250/s per Attribute Point Blood Regeneration 750/s per Attribute Point

Endurance Increases maximum Stamina Stats Directly Affected: Max Stamina 25 per Attribute Point Stamina Regeneration 0.7500/s per Attribute Point Heat/Cold Tolerance 0.2 degrees per Attribute Point

Resonance Allows use of voice- and instrument- based ability components. Stats Directly Affected:

Strength Increases carrying capacity, and allows use of heavy weapons and armor. Stats Directly Affected: Carrying Capacity 2.5 KGs per Attribute Point

Dexterity Reduces Encumbrance penalty, and allows for use of medium weapons and light armor. Stats Directly Affected: Encumbrance Reduction below 0.5 per Attribute Point

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