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Lord Duckington
Lord Duckington
Realm Camelot Unchained
Gender Male

The City State Entertainment Duck originated from the game's Kickstarter funding period. It is now featured in many updates and is present in the artwork for the Stretch Goals. The ducks have become a mascot associated with Camelot Unchained due to their popularity with backers during development.

History[ | ]

In the Kickstarter videos for Camelot Unchained there is a shelf behind Mark Jacobs where some rubber ducks were placed. These ducks had been brought back to the studio after rubber duck races had occurred in the water element during an office complex, social event. Some of the members of the team took the ducks back to the studio with them, and they were used as improvised form of resource control by the programming team by marking the resource on each duck. The ducks were seen during the Kickstarter videos on the window sill in the background, on top of computers or arrayed in a formation on the table in the conference room used for the update videos.

When the Backers of the game saw these ducks they believed that City State Entertainment had an affinity for ducks and began to send gifts of ducks to the team in appreciation. Which were steadily added along side the original rubber ducks to the window sill throughout the Kickstarter. There were also other duck themed gifts; such as, cupcakes.

The ducks them became a staple associated with the game since then. Illustrated in updates, and stretch goal banners. Rubber ducks were even added to Pre-Alpha build, and ducks statues were used as control points in early testing. Additionally a duck statue item was added to the list from the Founder's Exchange for no cost.

Notable Ducks[ | ]


Lord Duckington Appears on the Team Page!

Lord Duckington
Lord Duckington is the name of the CSE Duck featured on the City State Entertainment's Meet the Team page. He wears a green and grey tabard with a cross, a red plumed helmet, and uses a sword and shield. The shield will sometimes have CSE's logo on it. He is the most featured duck in the updates and stretch goal pictures and is often seen with a small red dragon pet. One may consider him the actual mascot of the game.

Malory the Mallard
One of the gifts given to CSE was a wooden duck statue. A livestream contest was held to name the the statue and Malory the Mallard was chosen. She is sometimes referenced in other livestreams.

Gallery[ | ]

Lord Duckington and several other ducks who appear in the Stretch Goals and on holiday pictures and significant events, such as below:

Trivia[ | ]

  • One of the original rubber ducks can be seen on top of Michelle's hat during female Viking model preview during the Kickstarter.
  • A contest was once held late 2013 to guess the number of gifted ducks from a picture, there were over 100.
  • A lot of the ducks gifted during the Kickstarter can still be seen on the desks, shelves or background during livestreams all throughout the development.
  • The illustrated ducks that appear in the updates and stretch goal banners are drawn by Sandra Pavulaan.
  • Lord Duckington had a 1000 cent bounty placed on him for insulting someone's mom.
  • A giant rubber duck was added to the Pre-Alpha test map, behind a portcullis.
  • Before being added to Pre-Alpha test map, rubber ducks were first added to Smackhammer as a projectile attack.

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