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Brought to you by C.U.B.E.
Brought to you by C.U.B.E.

C.U.B.E. stands for Camelot Unchained Building Environment. This is the stand-alone building game which is being developed alongside the main game - it is one of the ways that players will create (destructible!) structures in the current build of the game. Repairing, building and fortifying on the battlefield should be crucial for overall war effort.

The system works similarly to the way it was featured on Kickstarter and should provide a building system in the spirit of games that went before us (including Minecraft, of course), but that is also distinct from them. Current testers can also use C.U.B.E. offline, including saving their creations through blueprints.

The C.U.B.E. is still in an relatively early phase and various features, shapes, textures and effects are yet to be added.

C.U.B.E. Access[ | ]


Players will also be able to destroy buildings all over the battlefield

The building environment is currently open to Alpha, Beta 1 and I.T. testers, where they can build structures of bricks, wood, stone, and more materials and block types as City State Entertainment adds them.

C.U.B.E. Development[ | ]

CSE has avowed a dedication to working on making it more fun, with more customization options and interface improvements, as C.U.B.E. is one of the ways that players will create structures in Camelot Unchained. City State Entertainment has stated that C.U.B.E. is the current stand-in for the intricate building system of Camelot Unchained. Like some games, it uses a block-based system for building, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. there are plans to have things such as blueprints, pre-builts/pre-fabs, and so much more than simply a series of blocks. No voxels are used because the focus/direction is different from some games such as Landmark™, Crowfall™, and others.

CSE C.U.B.E. comes in the spirit of other cool building games that have come before (including Minecraft), but has its own flair that makes it distinct and unique from them. CSE has stated that they are working on C.U.B.E. as a system geared toward creating important points and buildings to


Blueprints can be traded, used to build quicker or recreate the destroyed buildings

be raised and torn down in an RvR environment. This will be combined with robust game physics for the full building system.

C.U.B.E. sharing[ | ]

Currently there is a screen capture mode in the client which allows users to share their creation on Facebook with the C.U.B.E. watermark present. As long as the watermark is present these screenshots are allowed under the Alpha NDA.

Images of structures built by members of the Community using C.U.B.E.[ | ]

Things People Do With C.U.B.E...[ | ]

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Building in C.U.B.E.[ | ]

Building in Camelot Unchained is done primarily by placing cubes.

  • Note: The easiest way to add a block is to hold down the Alt Key and click where you want to place.


Button Name Description
BuildingUICommit Commit Block This places a selected block to the world.
BuildingUIDelete Delete Block This deletes a selected block, replaces the commit when turned on.
BuildingUIReturn Return Block to Cursor This block either places a selected block to the world or deletes a selected block.
BuildingUIRotateX Rotate Block X Rotates the block you wish to place by 90 degrees on its X axis.
BuildingUIRotateY Rotate Block Y Rotates the block you wish to place by 90 degrees on its Y axis.
BuildingUIRotateZ Rotate Block Z Rotates the block you wish to place by 90 degrees on its Z axis.
BuildingUIFlipX Move Block X Moves the block you wish to place on its X axis.
BuildingUIFlipY Move Block Y Moves the block you wish to place on its Y axis.
BuildingUIFlipZ Move Block Z Moves the block you wish to place on its Z axis.

Trivia[ | ]

  • C.U.B.E. was cleverly named by CSE programmer Tim Mills.
  • "111111," is a joke used by early C.U.B.E. builders to express having to press 1 to lay one block at a time.

Destruction and Fun[ | ]

Silly cube(s)
Very early "building" destruction (Alpha tests)
Very early building destruction (Alpha tests)

Videos[ | ]