Camelot Unchained Wiki
Realm Viking
Race Valkyrie
Gender female

Brynhildr is a notable warrior. She was the first Valkyrie, and married Sigurd.

Notable achievements[ | ]

  • Mother of the Valkyries
  • Reborn from death by a Veilstorm
  • Has crimson-black wings
  • Freed the captives of her village
  • Killed the invaders that had slain or tortured the people of her village

Key known skills[ | ]

  • Slays her persecutors in a manner appropriate to their crimes, such as stabbing them in the groin
  • Can cast magic, especially hurling fire
  • Has a magic spear that shoots fire
  • Tomboyish, with an unbreakable will
  • Protective of others
  • Child warrior

Key characters encountered[ | ]

Key locations visited[ | ]

Key timeline information[ | ]

  • Age of Becoming

References[ | ]

Valkyrie Becoming story