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The Bounty System
The Bounty System

Applying the real world concept of bounties and much more to Camelot Unchained. The bounty system originated as a stretch-goal the achieved funding on August 25th, 2014. It will seek to add a complex, 'BSC' bounty system to the game. Bounties are not designed to be daily quests, as most will not even be repeatable. The system is designed to, in some way, reward players that have bounties placed on them [1]. As yet, very little is known about the Bounty System.

Where Will Bounties Come From?[1][ | ]

  • The Realm: Your realm will be able to offer bounties to players. This includes bounties from the King.
  • A Guild: Guilds will be able to offer bounties to players.
  • Other Players: Players will also be able to offer bounties.

What Can Bounties Be Placed On?[1][ | ]

The bounty system will allow missions including tasks such as:

  • Killing a notorious player from an enemy Realm.
  • Returning another player's soul shard.
  • Fighting an enemy guild that has been harassing someone's town.
  • Killing certain NPCs.
  • Killing certain creatures in the Depths.

What Will Bounties Offer as a Reward?[ | ]

This is currently unknown.

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