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Black Rider
Black Rider
Realm Tuatha Dé Danann
Archetype Shapeshifter
Motto My death heralds yours!

Also known as the Dullahan, the Black Riders are a frightening vision on the field of battle. These headless riders may be the most terrifying of all the shapeshifters. While their attacks may not be as physically powerful as those of their opposing Realms’ counterparts, their ability to spread fear and use their severed heads and spinal cords as weapons makes them quite the challenging foe.

History[ | ]

Paths[ | ]

The paths haven't been revealed so far, but here's some sample components for the class.

Sample Components[ | ]

Black-Rider Impaling-Defilement Impaling Defilement (Modal)
The user takes on an early stage of Defilement, transforming into a ghastly undead state, and replacing the user’s weapon with a barbed, spine-bone spear.
Black-Rider Spinal-Spear Spinal Spear (Weapon)
Deals piercing damage with a bonus to armor penetration. Deals bonus death damage when successfully penetrating the target’s armor.
Black-Rider Spiteful-Thrust Spiteful Thrust (Style)
A fast, positional strike with low preparation and recovery time that deals bonus damage. If this attack successfully penetrates the target’s armor and the target’s affected body part has already sustained a wound, this effect applies a death debuff that causes the target’s panic rating to increase if the same body part is damaged.
Black-Rider Barbed-Tap Barbed Tap (Modifier)
Increases the recovery time of a spear attack to add a physical debuff which causes bleeding if the attack successfully penetrates the target’s armor. If the affected body part was already bleeding, this attack increases the duration of the bleeding debuff and deals bonus damage.
Black-Rider Augmented-Defilement Augmented Defilement (Modal)
The user takes on an advanced stage of Defilement, severing their head, which can be used as a projectile, and granting reduced ability preparation and recovery times. Also applies the benefits of the user’s previous defilement as a chaos buff.
Black-Rider Disembodied-Head Disembodied Head (Primary)
The head of the user separates from their body, and can be used as a projectile and point of origin for ability effects. The head will automatically return to the user if they move to its location on the ground, or if they travel too far from it. If the head is returned by moving too far away, its cooldown time is greatly increased.
Black-Rider Cadaverous-Consumption Cadaverous Consumption (Secondary)
Projects the user’s head from its current position at a hostile target, gaining power from corpses it passes by. Deals death damage on striking the target and falls to the ground, creating an aura which applies a lingering death debuff that deals death damage over time to nearby enemies. If this attack kills an enemy, it has no cooldown time and requires no activation cost on subsequent activation, within a brief duration.
Black-Rider Horrendous-Scream Horrendous Scream (Secondary)
The user’s head emits a scream that increases the panic rating of nearby enemies and applies a death debuff to them that greatly reduces their movement speed for a brief duration. If the user’s head was attached to their body, this debuff also increases the amount of damage affected targets take from death attacks for its duration.
Black-Rider Enduring-Defilement Enduring Defilement (Modal)
The user takes on an advanced stage of Defilement, increasing in size and growing a layer of bone armor that suppresses the negative effects of wounds previously sustained and increases damage dealt with death abilities based on the total number of wounds the user has sustained.
Black-Rider Gathering-Essence Gathering Essence (Primary)
The user channels to gather power over time from nearby corpses. These provide a damage-absorbing shield for a moderate duration or until broken by damage, with its health based on the amount of power gathered.
Black-Rider Uncontainable-Fatality Uncontainable Fatality (Secondary)
The user’s damage-absorbing shield explodes on expiration, dealing death damage to nearby enemies based on its amount of remaining power. Enemies with existing wounds that are affected by the explosion take bonus death damage, and have a death debuff applied to them that increases the damage they take from death attacks for a brief duration.
Black-Rider Necrotic-Contaminant Necrotic Contaminant (Secondary)
The user’s shield absorbs only a portion of incoming damage, but deals death feedback damage to enemies who attack the user. The shield regenerates its power based on the amount of death damage dealt by the user.

Key Features[ | ]

Divine Intervention

Overflowing Defilement
A channeled ability where the user permeates an area with death energy, applying a portion of the benefits of their current defilement as a death buff to their nearby group members for a moderate duration. The user gains a death buff for the same duration increasing the damage of their death abilities based on the amount of damage dealt by their group members.

Death Curse

Final Defilement
On receiving a fatal wound, the user takes on a horrific transformation, becoming the personification of death for a short duration. The user gains a death buff which allows their next attack within a limited duration to deal high bonus death damage and cause a high amount of panic. When this attack is used or when the buff expires, the user dies.

Banes and Boons[ | ]

Main Article: Banes and Boons

Trivia[ | ]

  • Inspired by the classic Dullahans of Irish lore, who are headless riders of black horses. They brandish bone whips made from spinal cords.

Revision History[ | ]

  • October 23rd, 2015 - Shapeshifters were revealed during the 4th week of the Fall Class reveals.

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