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Overview[ | ]

Beta testing has not yet begun for Camelot Unchained. It will be the third phase of testing, after the Alpha and P.A.T. testing phases. It will consist of at least three significant phases itself, starting with Beta 1. The Beta testing phase will not be always open, but will be handled with scheduled or impromptu tests to call for Backers with an appropriate level of access.

Old-School Beta[ | ]

City State Entertainment has often stated that their Beta testing will not be on a nearly-finished game, with many of the final features, as is common for many games. Instead, it will be a time for serious testing, with the expectation of many bugs, issues, and challenges slowly getting ironed out. Each of the phases are expected to last at least six months, though this may vary greatly. Additionally, lead programmer George has offered this clarification:

"Beta, Alpha, and Gold have specific meanings within AAA game development: they have to do with a multi-year schedule of assets, animations, environments, and voice acting for the linear story. Our game, like an old school game, is instead driven by engine features and gameplay. In Beta, we'll test these systems, rather than whether a linear scripted event is playable with finished art. In Camelot Unchained, the players will create the story, events, and even much of the game's environment."

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