Camelot Unchained Wiki
Name Description Cost Times
Feline Fears Water magic effects increase panic by 1 1 5
It Pulls My Fur Increases encumbrance from armor by 1 1 5
Sensitive Senses Resonance-based attacks which deal damage to you have their damage increased by 1 1 5
Trouble With Trust Healing effects on you have their value reduced by 1 1 5
I Need to Move Movement-impairing effects reduce your wound threshold by 1 1 5
No Furless Food You may only consume meat-based foods 5 1
Name Description Cost Times
Always on My Feet Reduces the time to stand from being knocked down by 1 3 1
Gwen's Guts Reduces maximum Panic Rating by 5 5 1
Night is Bright Increases vision at night by 1 1 5
Clan Kellas Training Enables the use of the Cait Sith Clawsword 10 1
The Moment is Right [Ability] Pounce attack grapples an enemy and knocks them to the ground while also being knocked down yourself 10 1
Whisker Whispers Reduces detection distance of nearby enemies by 1 3 3