Camelot Unchained Wiki
Name Description Cost Times
Cut to the Quick Reduces your resistance to Slashing by 1
Fear of Fire! Increases panic by 1 when affected by a damaging fire effect
Flammable Reduces Fire Resistance by 1
Home is the Heart-Tree Reduces your travel mode movement speed by 2 while not in a forest
Night's Curse Increases the duration of bleed effects on your character by 1 at night
I Need a Great Protector Veilstorms drain 1 stamina per second in addition to their other effects
Name Description Cost Times
Flexible Feelers Increases your Detection by 1
Verdant Power Increases the power of your Life magic abilities by 1
Day's Gift Increases your critical rating by 1 during the day
Lash Out Reduces the activation times of your reactive abilities by 1 for 10 seconds when you sustain a wound
Never Defenseless [Ability] Close range tail strike which inflicts poison damage over time
Deep Green Increases the duration of your poison effects by 1