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Forefather of the Úlfhéðnar race. [1]

Notable Achievements[ | ]

  • Killed a snake monster (possibly one of the Dragons?) with his axe, splitting it in two.

Key known skills[ | ]

  • "Speed of Fenris" as it is called in the story.
  • A cry of rage that seems to have an effect.
  • Calls upon the "Thunder God’s" strength.

Key Characters encountered[ | ]

Key Locations visited[ | ]

  • Walked the world searching for his children.

Key Timeline info[ | ]

  • There are strong indications that Askr lived amongst a people that worshipped the Norse pantheon and revelled in war and raiding. It is possible therefore that he lived prior to the Piercing in Viking lands.
  • The fact they met with a young Sigurd suggest the main events of their storyline occur in between prior to the Piercing and Sigurd obtaining the Sword.

References[ | ]