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Realm Arthurian
Race Human
Gender Male

Arthur Pendragon is one of the three legendary Sword Brothers, and is a key shaper of Camelot Unchained's world. [1][2]

Notable achievements[ | ]

Sp emissary destroy

The final salute to Camelot in flames

  • Obtained one of the three swords given by the Emissaries.
  • Created the kingdom that bears his name (Arthurians).
  • Instigated the creation of Camelot, the One True City.
  • Protagonist of the Second Breaking of the world that followed a great betrayal, after which the Camelot was torn apart along with the lands it had pulled together.
  • Was the one who personally removed the last stabilizer in One True City, condemning the city in flames to sink into the ocean. Also, he was the very last one to leave the sinking Camelot.
  • Founder of the Realm of the Arthurians and was the first to found the One True City, Camelot.
  • Shares a special relationship with Gwen, eventually marrying her.

Key known skills[ | ]

  • Good fighting skills, able to kill abominations.
  • Very strong charisma. Has near-fanatical support from the Cait Sith, the Stormriders and from many humans, like Nimue.

Key characters encountered[ | ]

Key locations visited[ | ]

Key timeline info[ | ]

References[ | ]

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