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Armor is equipment that can be crafted by players. Though shields are technically a piece of Armor they are treated as a Weapon with a high deflection[citation needed]. The design of armor will not protect the character in general, each piece of armor will protect the specific body part it covers; bracers will not protect against an attack on your legs or your head[1].

Similar to Weapons characters will not be forced into using one type of armor. All characters will be able to use all armor, you may not be very good with it or be able to move very well in it, but you can use it[2]. Accessories and dyes will help players customize their characters look.

History[ | ]

Since development the idea behind armor for Camelot Unchained was realism. Shoulder pads will be of a reasonable size and female characters will be wearing similar armor to their male counterparts[3]. The design focus is on strong visual cues and recognition. Heavily decayed armor will look different than new armor, indicating a weak member of the party to target[4].

Each realm was associated a shape; Vikings were circle[3], the Tuatha Dé Danann was given triangle [5], leaving Arthurians with square[5]. These shapes are reflected in more than just their armor, but in their cities and other constructions.

Arthurian Armor[ | ]

Viking Armor[ | ]

Tuatha Dé Danann Armor[ | ]

The armor that the Tuatha Dé Danann wear will be affected by the court chosen by the player. Armor of the spring court is different from the winter, fall and summer armors. These armors mimic the seasons, fall armor is colorful while winter armor has little color[6]

Mechanics[ | ]

The E.A.R.S. will allow the enemy to distinguish resistances that are being used[4].

Armor of the three Realms have different interactions within combat, and uphold the policy to not mirror the other Realms. Arthurians use full plate which will deflect Weapons of most types. Vikings use chain and heavy cloth or leather entangled with bones to trap weapons as best as possible[4].

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