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Man of a Thousand Faces
Man of a Thousand Faces

"Hi, I'm Andrew, the guy that was crazy enough to quit his job on Skyrim and create this whole City State thing with Mark" -- Andrew Meggs

Andrew Meggs is a co-founder of City State Entertainment. He is also the technical wunderkind behind the technology that powers Camelot Unchained. At CSE, Andrew is the lead programmer and technical director, as well as the technical visionary behind the decision and tech building on such initiatives as "Building the UI out of the web" (using Chromium to open the UI to Backers), using a server-side physics system based on Nvidia's PhysX, and building the rendering/networking engines to allow the game to support truly large-scale battles.

Facts about Andrew Meggs[ | ]

  • Fifteen years of experience in games industry at studios such as Troika Games, Mythic Entertainment, and Bethesda Game Studios
  • Senior engineer on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Lead engineer on Warhammer Online at Mythic Entertainment
  • Lead engineer on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
  • Lead engineer on Myth III
  • Degrees in Mathematics and Cognitive Science, reputed strong theorist, combined with years of practical experience
  • Helped lead one of the most successful Kickstarter computer game projects; Camelot Unchained. The game has raised over 3.5M to date.

Videos[ | ]

Meet the Camelot Unchained engine (04-03-2013, Kickstarter video):

Making a Game Out of the Web (04-04-2013, Kickstarter video):