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Abominations - the becoming
Abominations - the becoming

The abominations are pitiful creatures that were transformed into unthinking, horribly twisted monsters by a powerful Veilstorm[1]. They are hunted by heroes in the lore of the game. Abominations may or may not be a type of the non-progression-based PvE in Camelot Unchained.


Abominations were once human, but were corrupted by a Malevolence. Witnesses of the corruption described the transformation as a twisting, where the victims take on strange shapes and horrific visages, monsters[1].

Abominations sometimes travel in groups, and can communicate with each other in a fashion, sometimes through various forms of screeching[2]. Abominations contain certain abilities, such as the ability to mesmerize its victims, rendering them helpless and allowing the Abomination an easier target.


Several cultures in the world of Camelot Unchained have unique names or terms for Abominations. Among these are:

  • The Suffering - used by the Cait Sith
  • The Stormwrought


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