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Ability builder in action
Ability builder in action

Ability Building refers to a core system of Camelot Unchained, where players create their own abilities out of components, providing them with enormous control over the way they play. Ability is used in both the Combat system and the Magic system, both as a balancing factor and to provide a way for players to increase their options and effectiveness in battle.

Balance in Ability Building[ | ]


Ability building opens practically unlimited possibilities for class customization

Several limiting factors contribute to the prevention of players from creating unbalanced and overpowered abilities, making the process of creating abilities more interesting and balanced.

Power[ | ]

  • Power is the first limiting factor. All positive attributes of an ability contribute to the Power Rating.
  • The higher an ability's Power Rating is, the more difficult it is to use.
  • Power limitations increase with time and practice.

Value[ | ]

  • Value limits the scaling of Power through the way abilities are created.
  • Value is the difference between Power and Cost of an ability (derived from the ability's components).
  • In order for the creation of the ability to work, the Value must come in under the Maximum Standard Value Rating.
  • Currently set at 1000.

Fine-Tuning[ | ]

  • Components which players have at master proficiency allow a degree of adjustment.
  • Adjustments to component properties can occur within a limited range.
  • Changing these properties can affect Cost of the ability.
  • Allows the player to get as close to the Value cap as possible without going over.
  • These adjustments take place at the component level, so adjusting a component affects all abilities that component is used in.

Videos[ | ]

Early ability builder in action (skip to 0:45):

Sources[ | ]

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